You Don’t Have to Wait to Have the Perfect Life before Living Your Divine Purpose

Living your Divine Purpose

Are you living your Divine Purpose?

What are you waiting for?

The perfect life?

The perfect timing?

For you to get everything you need and want?

I’ve spent years looking for my purpose in life. And all the while it was right in front of me. I suspect it might be that way for you as well. You are looking for something ‘out there’ , or for something to change, so that you can live a life full of joy and passion.

Maybe it’s around your job; You’d love to go be in service to the world, or to work as an artist, or to be a writer, and you know in your heart that is part of your life purpose, but instead of starting today, you put it off.

What if you just took a moment to write a paragraph in your journal, – right this minute. Or if you made one phone call to ask about volunteering at the soup kitchen. Or to take your child’s crayon and do a bit of coloring in a coloring book.

So what if you don’t know what your Divine Purpose is? How do you find it? Is it possible that you don’t have only one purpose to your life but that you have many? How about if you just start to find something you can get excited about.

To tap into one purpose – service, Chris over on SouporNuts has a great solution to get started living your life purpose today:

In order to help yourself, you must help others. There’s no better long-term strategy to achieving your success. As Dr. Phil would say, “It ain’t about YOU!” Become a listener and a people person. Help others and then help yourself indirectly.

Helping others can start with smiling at the store clerks, opening doors, picking up trash. Look out your window, there is always something you can do. Right now.

Start today.

What are you doing to live your Divine Purpose?

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