Reinvent Your Life

5WomenHighPlacesThe first step in reinventing our life is to learn to honor our own sacredness.  We must learn to stop beating ourselves up for past mistakes.  We must learn to trust ourselves on the deepest level.

Quite frankly, we must unlearn habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.

In my Reclaim Yourself Now process, you will experience a side of you that you’ve been longing to express.  Your strength and confidence that comes from trusting yourself to make the right decisions will increase.   Your relationships will become more fulfilling.  You will start to make choices that are internally referenced.  You will release guilt and shame that has bound you to the past.  You will start to take care of yourself in ways you never thought possible.  You will discover an empowering interpretation for the events and circumstances of your life that frees you from your limited story.

You will experience a newfound energy and passion for your life that excites you.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, they are meant to deliver you a life of purpose and passion and meaningful contribution.  You don’t need to know how right now – you couldn’t possibly know from where you stand today.  You only need to commit.

The thousands of choices you’ve made in the past are what brought you to the exact place you’re at right now.  Working with me, you will be make new and conscious choices that will manifest the future reality you so deeply want to experience.  I will show you how to clear away old emotional baggage.  You will learn how to distinguish the fear you feel in your body as a fear or opportunity you’re anxious about.

You’re already successful!

I’m uniquely qualified to guide you through your life transition, because I’ve been there and I know how difficult it can be.  I know what it’s like to question myself and deny what is unfolding right before my eyes.  I know the struggles, the excuses, and the depression.  And, I know how to get you to the other side, because, in addition to stellar training, I paid close attention to the terrain as I navigated my own life transitions.

I came to a point in my life where I had to make a decision.  I could remain in my current situation unhappy and unfulfilled on a path heading nowhere, or I could reinvent my life.  It was not easy, but I did it and I’m confident I can guide you through your major life transition.

A major life transition is the catalyst for change.

I’ve discovered that it is very common to be hugely successful in one or more areas of your life and have others that seriously need your attention.  Most often the areas are around relationships, work-life balance, health issues related to stress, and meaningful contribution.

When a major crisis hits, we are compelled to make big changes.  Often this is a divorce or breakup, a new commitment to our health and well-being, or a change in career that allows us more meaningful contribution.  A general malaise with life is a powerful indicator that it’s time to make some changes.  

I often hear these words, “There must be more to life than this.”  There is!

I’ve created a 3-step process to help you navigate your major life transition with confidence and compassion, so you can heal your heart, regain your power, and create the life you’ve always wanted – it starts with knowing exactly where you are and where you want to go.

The first step is to Assess….

Is living a vibrant, meaningful, passionate life worth thirty minutes of your time?  If so, put yourself fully into taking the life assessment on the right.  If not, that’s okay – but you’ll probably be complaining about the same things in five years from now.  I did that for twenty!  It’s a total waste of your life force energy.  Take your Life Assessment on the right and start to Reclaim Yourself today!

An important element of assessment will be to determine the best possible fit in terms of people, processes, and timing.  After you complete your Life Assessment, we will schedule a discovery session to delve a little deeper into your desires for your life.