What Does Being Naked In A Sauna Have To Do With Manifesting Your Purpose?

I joined Michelle at the Y for a Kundalini Yoga class and a trip to the sauna today.  Sweating is something I usually avoid, but I knew it was my next step.  We sat in silence; our breath was the only sound playing back and forth between us and another woman sitting on the top shelf.  After about fifteen minutes, I rubbed myself down with the towel and turned to leave.  The nameless woman struggled to lower herself and refused my assistance and so I quietly left.  The door to the sauna opened less than one minute later, and I heard Michelle calmly asking for me by name.   I was able to squeeze around the opened door, as I realized this was more of a plea for help.

The floor of the sauna was tiled, wet, and slippery and I could see that Michelle was physically holding this woman up.  After making my way around the door, I laid towels down to provide traction for our feet and I helped take some of the weight off of Michelle.  This woman (I still don’t know her name) was not able to get her feet under herself and so we slowly lowered her to the ground.  She was chanting, “I just overdid it.  I just over did it.”  She thought she would be alright; she wasn’t convincing me.

This overheated woman wanted to get on her way; it was obvious to me she wasn’t ready as she still couldn’t hold up her own weight, even her toes were turned under.  She became irritated with me when I told her we were making a decision for her and she was going to sit down.  No, she was going to take a shower.

You might be thinking, “What does this all have to do with living your purpose?”

As I showered, dressed, and made my own way to the car it became clear to me.  Indulge me in my analogy as I ponder why had I become so irritated myself.

Not everyone wants my help, even when it’s extremely clear that I would be a really good tool for them at this point in their life.  I use the word ‘tool’ purposefully, because when you decide you want to manifest something, then the support shows up.  My purpose is to empower and to see my role as a coach as anything other than a tool people use to get what they want would be disempowering.  It may be clear to me that someone needs help, but in the context of manifesting purpose, you have to ask for it.  Then I can commit to being one of your most powerful tools in manifesting the life of your dreams.  A day at the Y and I have greater clarity: I get phone calls from people who have decided that the only thing that will rid them of the pain of not living a life of purpose is to commit to manifesting their purpose.

You’re SUPPOSED to know it already. Suana Lady thought she had all the answers, even as she was slipping out from under herself like a newborn foal.  She was embarrassed.  Michelle of course understood, but I totally didn’t get the embarrassment thing.  Compassion?  Yes.  Embarrassment? no.  I mean we were all naked.  Sauna Lady knew she needed to get some cold water (on her and in her) and she knew she needed to get herself up and on her way.  Do you do this?  Do you get moving without the support you need?  Do you plead for the support and then turn the help away?  Do you asked God to show you your purpose and then when the tools that would most support you show up, do you say something like, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

If you haven’t manifested your purpose into the world as powerfully and consciously as you would like to, are you willing to get the help you need?  Where do you say, “No” when you should be saying, “Yes.”  Are you willing to stand naked in your lack of knowing and be vulnerable so you can live the life you want to?  Set aside your pride.  Stop your self-sabotaging behaviors and wake the *$(#* up.  This is your life and how much longer do you want to live below your potential?  How much longer do you want to settle for less than ecstasy?  Guess what?  Maybe you need help.

I am willing to say these things because I care about you!

Don’t get help from us.  Go talk to Tim Kelley, at know your purpose; he’ll help you!  Go find your purpose in 20 minutes with Steve Pavlina. (I can’t get on his site, because it’s only for smart people.  I bet you can sign up.)  Start your own support group.  Hire a coach.  Keep looking until you find the support that you need.  Why would I send you away from working with me?  I’m not.  Work with me.  Work with Michelle.  But if it’s not a match, don’t give up!  It is imperative that you manifest your life’s purpose.

I know something that you might not know

You may already sense that you have something special inside of you.  Well, I know you do.  You may feel that you have a gift to share; that desire that’s inside of you…the one that you feel is so selfish to have–your purpose can be found in that deep longing in your heart.  The desire that you have to swim with the dolphins or heal the birth experience or speak in front of a thousand people are all desires that will transform the planet when manifested.  You need to stop making excuses.  You need to make a commitment to yourself.  And then you need to open your eyes (and heart) to the support that surrounds you and start saying, “Yes!”

I learned all this on a sauna room floor.

  • Accept the help that awaits you from the many sources, the endless universe supports the manifestation of your purpose.
  • Conscious awareness enables your ability to say, “Yes.”
  • Gratitude needs to be the first thought when help shows up.

I am grateful for all the support I receive in manifesting my purpose.

Everything in my life, past and present, supports me in living my purpose.  All the joy and sadness throughout my life supports me in living my purpose.  All the triumphs and failures, all my experience with faith and fear, and all the confidence and self-doubt I’ve lived with supports my purpose.  All the people in my life; my family, friends, children, teachers, and partners have helped me unveil my life purpose; they’ve helped me see myself and develop my gifts and talents through a lifetime.  Even the dear homeless people I’ve coached sitting on park benches have allowed me to access my deepest expression of living my purpose.

Everything supports me in manifesting my purpose.  Everything I read, everyone I talk to, every interaction I have supports me to this end.  Even the woman who overdid it today in a Colorado Springs sauna room.  I am so grateful to know how truly supported I am.  I feel empowered and inspired and grateful for a naked woman begging that Michelle and I not drop her.