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3 Ways to Choose your Divine Purpose Subscription
UPDATE: I’ve just heard about these great video on RSS explained.

Only a few minutes and worth watching.

Watch this first:

The second step:
Then watch this one next:

Then, after you’ve watched that video, then go to Dawud and watch the RSS explained, step 2
For another video, a bit techy, go check it out on this post at Dawudmiracle. and thanks to him for alerting me to these videos…

Now Here’s How to Get your Free Subscription:

Still confused about subscribing? Don’t know which way to go? You aren’t alone. RSS, Feeds, Google Newsreader, email updates, Newsletters – so many options – too many choices.CK and I want to stay in touch with you. We’d love to have you subscribe, after all, it’s already free, but we also want to make it easy and painless –

and for you to have control over the level of participation and how and when you receive updates.So here are your options – you get to choose which is right for you:

Divine Purpose Tips Newsletter:

We’ll send out a succinct summary of the best posts, events, tips, and other news on a weekly basis. The newsletter is short and sweet and will arrive in your email box. Subscribe to DivinePurposeUnleashed Tips Newsletter

Blog Posts and News:

Get email updates every time the blog is updated. You’ll be able to read every post and keep up with our news as it happens. No waiting for the newsletter. Subscribe to Divine Purpose Unleashed Blog VIA EMAIL

Enter your email address:
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Blog Posts on a RSS Feedreader:

If you’d like to read the blog on Google Reader, Yahoo or Bloglines or another feed, then just subscribe to Divine Purpose Unleashed feed. The cool thing about subscribing via a feed is that you choose how often to read, and when to read, using your reader. Unsure what a reader is? Check out the technical info on Wiki.

Want to cut to the chase and try it out? Go to Google Reader and subscribe to a few blogs.

(hint, you can subscribe to both the newsletter and the blog, see which works for you and then unsubscribe later if it is too much information).

Remember, you can change your subscriptions or cancel at any time, and we promise never to be naughty with your email address. Its all private, confidential and totally secure.

Questions? Still confused? Leave your comments below

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