See How Easily You Can Shift Your Negative Expectations

Why me?

What is expectation?

For some of us it is a knowing that we will fail. For others it is a depression that permeates our lives. Still, for others, it is an unconscious belief that what we have to share with the world is worthless. Negative expectations seem to take the drivers seat without our conscious awareness. And I am here to wake you up and say STOP IT! Now!

I don’t want to assume, but just in case…

How long have you been holding yourself back out of your negative expectations? We could call them your fears. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m not good enough,” or, “I’ll surely fail,” or “It’s too much work,” and then given up on yourself? and your dreams? What does your internal dialog sound like? I bet it’s rougher than my powerful request for you to stop holding yourself back. Maybe your negative expectations have been the creative force behind your endeavors. If they have been, you can change if through simple but powerful choices you make on a daily basis. But…

Are other people’s negative expectations holding you back?

Maybe you share your dreams and instead of getting the extra excitement and support you hoped for, you discover you’ve entered a war zone. All your dreams get shot down by people who think they are helping you. They point out what could go wrong or why it won’t work out for you. Again, some simple choices you can make that will ensure that your negative expectations don’t run your life any longer.

Here are 3 steps to shifting your negative expectations

If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to shifting your negative expectations and move yourself toward expressing your life purpose.

  1. Know what it is that you want. I know this sounds simple, but really it can be quite challenging. I had everyone else’s ideas in my head for so long, I couldn’t even hear my own voice. So this step is crucial. Invest the time it takes to get quiet, filter out everyone else’s ideas from your own, and be totally and brutally honest with yourself. Ask: What do I really want. And then listen. It doesn’t do any good to ask and then not listen to your own wisdom.
  2. Trust. Trust that your answer is your soul guiding you to an incredible life. Imagine that you won’t be happy until you have whatever your intuition told you. When we know what we want, we often talk ourselves out of it. Oh, that’s too big. Oh, what will they think? A common way that we get in our own way is that we know the answer, but we don’t listen to it. We discount it. But, you will feel it in your heart. Don’t talk about it yet, at least to naysayers. Let it permeate your thick walls of negative expectations. Ultimately, what you want is for you (yes, even if what we want effects everyone else as well).
  3. Open your heart and consciously look for how the universe is supporting your desire. Expect it. Look for how the universe is guiding you to what you want, even in adversity. Recently, I read an article over on Remarkable Communication and Sonia Simone said, “We could try to be a little more aware as we move through our days–leave a little room open for the possibility that something extraordinary could happen…expect better out of our lives…expect greatness from our work…expect passionate fanaticism…expect personal lives and professional lives that nourished and enriched one another.”

You will find what you look for!

You will find what you look for whether it’s negative or positive. The choice is up to you. What do you want to look for? Even in the most traumatic and the most dramatic of circumstances. What if you were to look through the positive expectation colored glasses? How would your life be different? How would you see possibility where previously all you saw were obstacles? How might you be more willing to share your spiritual gifts? Many people have benefited from the death of Polly Klaas. Simply because of the choices that her father made after the tragedy.

Why Bother?

Most people I have encountered want to make a difference in the world. Mr. Klaas used the death of his daughter to make a difference in the world. He could have made a lot of other choices that disempowered him, but he made a powerful contribution of his time and energy to help other kids be safe and return home to their families. Most people have lots of reasons why they aren’t using their gifts to make a difference. Most people I know feel bad about themselves when they aren’t contributing.

Your spiritual gifts are your contribution.

Living your purpose does not have to be a struggle. You don’t have to make something up, you only have to check in with your heart. You will not be led astray if you listen and act on those spiritual promptings. Although sometimes it might feel like it. For example, when it feels like things aren’t going your way. Ahem…. What if the bumpy roads were part of waking you up? Would you really be motivated to live your purpose more fully if things were easy for you? I don’t think so.

Your blissful happiness can only be found in living your purpose.

If you aren’t finding happiness inside of your own heart, sharing and contributing your spiritual gifts that originate deep inside of you, then you aren’t living your purpose. And if you aren’t living your purpose then I bet you’re struggling in several areas of your life. What if the gift inside of your struggles and unhappiness are the motivation to change your life? What if without the pain, you wouldn’t be willing to make the necessary changes that bring you bliss? How much pain is present for you? Maybe that could be the indication of the changes you need to make in your life to align with your spiritual gifts.

It really is very simple

Take the ego out of your internal dialog. Stop listening to all the reasons why you shouldn’t take the big leap of faith and do what you have always wanted to do. And trust that your intuition will lead you in the right direction. If you can’t seem to accomplish these shifts on your own, then get help. Consider it a gift from the universe. We are always available to support you, but it doesn’t have to be us. There is a lot of support available, find it. Gift yourself with it. How much longer are you going to let negative expectations, or anything else, stand between you and your dreams? The world needs you! The world needs your spiritual gifts. We aren’t complete without them all manifested!

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