More Tools To Unveil Your Life Purpose

Just one more day to join us on a wild journey!

The Unveil Your Life Purpose E-Course will be available until Monday March 9th.  If you want to participate with our group of Purpose Unveilers, this is a great opportunity because we have lots of free gifts that specifically support your Life Purpose.  Today and tomorrow I will share a little about each one of the gifts.

Here are some additional resources

You can receive some of these special offerings when you purchase the Unveil Your Life Purpose E-Course.  All these bonus gifts are also tools you can use specifically to Unveil Your Life Purpose.

Megan M. Riley — well known psychic medium.

Click here to find out about Megan’s free session.

Megan is a lovely women.  She invited Michelle and I to the taping of a television show in the Denver area.  Live and on stage, Megan is engaging and transparent–a perfect combination to connect in deep and meaningful ways.

I met Megan through Live Your Purpose Radio.  Michelle interviewed her live. After the show, I had a session with Megan.  She said a lot of things that resonated with me and confirmed my path, but one thing really sticks out.  Megan said that I would be doing a ton of writing and would have lots of articles in print–not just on the blog.  What she didn’t know is that just 24 hours prior, Sonya Thompson, the editor of The Portland Leader and reader of my blog, asked me to write a weekly column.  I’ve been writing ever since and I’m going to be writing for a relationship column shortly.  You will love a session with Megan, she’s the bomb!

When you purchase the Unveil Your Life Purpose E-Course, you will get a free group teleclass, but there is only one personal session with Megan.

Kris Cassidy — Spiritual Coaching Session

Click here to find out about Kris Cassidy and his special bonus.

Kris has an extensive background in bodywork.  Spanning a career of over 25 years, Kris is a transformational teacher, seminar leader, and  Breathwork Practitioner.  This bonus gift would be the perfect supplement to the Unveil Your Life Purpose E-Course… use his spiritual coaching session when you hit up against a block.  And you will hit up against a block!

Peggie Arvidson  — Certified Professional Hand Analyst

Click here to find out about Peggie’s bonus gift of a free hand analysis.

Peggie will focus your private session on clearing anything that might be blocking you from living Your Life Purpose.  Your hand is a map and Peggie, through your hand analysis, will provide you with three actions you can take that move your powerfully forward in living your Life Purpose.

Pamir – The Soul Whisperer(sm)

In this private session, The Soul Whisperer(sm) will directly support, parallel, empower, and deepen all your reasons for connecting with your Life Purpose.

So much to choose from

If you are interested in any of these special bonus offers, head over to Divine Purpose Unveiled and order your e-course today.  Either way, lets talk about Divine Purpose… what it is and how you can connect with your Life Purpose today.

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