Miracle of Love and Kalindi – Podcast with Kris Cassidy

Kris Cassidy has been studying with Kalindi and the Miracle of Love seminars for years. I don’t know if ‘study’ is the correct word, as we talked about getting out of your head and into your heart. David Cassden also joined Kris and I in this interview about unconditional love, reincarnation, (you’ll have to listen to find out if I agree with the premise) and expanded consciousness.

The workshop seminars are led by Kalindi. leaders who have been
personally trained by Kalindi. (this is a correction made Aug 2)

Listen to the Miracle of Love Podcast above

Kris sent me this synopsis of the workshop:

“A rare opportunity to be with Kalindi.”

The Miracle of Love Seminar takes place in several different locations worldwide, including Denver, Colorado; Asheville, North Carolina; Los Angeles, California; Munich, Germany; Perth, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dates of upcoming seminars can be found at

The next scheduled Seminar is in Denver from September 8-13


As with all Miracle of Love seminars, you will have the chance to go within and open to the love you’ve been longing to feel. What makes this seminar so special is Kalindi, a modern-day spiritual master who can take you Home to the light and love of God. She will be present on the final day and is looking forward to being with you in-person, to offer her help and guidance.

Upon completing the seminar you will also have the option to attend the 3 Days with the Masters at the annual Miracle of Love retreat in Denver where you will receive teachings and guidance from spiritual masters such as The Lady, Jim St. James, and others. This is a time filled with meditation, love, ecstasy, and rapid spiritual movement.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to awaken and nourish your heart and soul. This is the last time Kalindi will be available in the United States to meet with new people so personally. Space is limited and we encourage you to register early.

Europe ++49 (0) 180 52544634
Asheville 888-250-8115
Australia  +61 8 9284 5104

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