Live Remote Audio Podcast from SOBCon08

Listen to Live Your Purpose Radio

Live Your Purpose Radio:

Listen to the SOBCon08 Live Audio Remote – The Business School for Bloggers Conference. The podcast is about 25 mins and includes the following:

Terry Starbucker – Co-Founder of SOBCon and Rambling from a Glass Half Full How will Terry apply this blog conference in his ‘real’ job? It’s all about the customer, the people, the conversation.

Derek Semmler The Man Page eMoms at home (now sparkplugging) is not just for Moms anymore….

Liz Strauss Successful-Blog – Comment Queen shares that she’s learned from SOBCon too.

Sandra Pounce de Leon BuzzLogic wants to be authentic online!

Adam Kayce from Monk at Work, and Is the Monk coming back? You heard it here first!

Michael Martine RemarkaBlogger shares his views of social media, Twitter and Facebook and networking without a blog.

Joanna Young Confident Writing from Scotland thinks we have to organize our own food in the USA.

Wendy Piersall from (formally eMoms at home) I asked her the weirdest question about Entrepreneurship in Chicago. (what was I thinking?) But she handled it well and with Grace.

I interviewed a lot more people, but some of the audio needs more editing, I’ll put up podcast #2 soon. Stay tuned!