Do You Have The Tools To Unveil Your Life Purpose?

Divine Purpose Unveiled Unveils Even More!

Our colleagues share their tools!

In addition to the resources already included in our Unveil Your Life Purpose E-Course, several of our colleagues have come forward and offered their time and talents to your benefit.

Many of the bonus gifts that you will receive with your Unveil Your Purpose E-Course are actually tools that will support you in the process of connecting with your Divine Purpose.   Over the next couple days, I’ll be sharing some of these bonus gifts with you.  Here are the first few:

Jeri with

Click here to find out about the course and Jeri’s special bonus!

Jeri made a special essence just for the Unveil Your Purpose E-Course.  These essences were formulated to support and facilitate your journey of connecting with your Life Purpose.  And Jeri is giving two Nature Essences as a free gift when you purchase our e-course.

If you haven’t heard of Jeri yet, let me introduce her.  Jeri is an intuitive energy healer and the creator of Heirloom Remedy’s Nature Essences.

You could expect to pay $80 for the oil and essence and they are free (you will need to pay shipping, but $80?  wow!)  I’m tempted to order my own course just for this gift.  Everyone who orders gets both the oil and essence for the price of shipping!

Hilary Barrett — I Ching Expert!

Click here to find out about the course and Hilary’s special bonus!

Michelle and I teach that we need to express our Life Purpose into all areas of our lives.  Saying this is one thing and being able to do it is a completely different thing.  What people really want to know is how to live their Life Purpose!

Hilary helps people understand how to express their life purpose in the context of their ordinary, daily lives using the I Ching.  What a perfect tool to implement once you’ve unveiled your Life Purpose!

Here’s what I love about Hilary, and another reason I think her gift is perfect.  She does what she does because she loves doing it.  There’s a tool just in observing her.  Go to her website and invest a few minutes with Hilary Barrett, and you’ll see what I  mean.

Jennifer Louden, The Comfort Queen!

Jennifer is a best selling author.  Her books are on my bookshelf and there isn’t a speck of dust on them.  Jennifer is also a coach, speaker and consultant.  She is generously gifting a one hour long session to the first taker!  During this session you will explore your Life Purpose.  This is a perfect supplement to our e-course.  Everyone else has to pay $175. for an hour of her time, but if you act fact you can get a great tool for free!

Adam Kayce,s Inner Peace Audio

Adam is offering an entire set of guided audio process to keep you on track with your personal development goals; in this case, unveiling your Life Purpose!  Adam is really big on inner peace, and that is exactly what you will have when you are deeply connected with your Divine Purpose.  There is only one available, so if this resonates with you sign up today!

Adam Kayce owns one of the most popular personal development blogs online; Monk at Work.  He has re-focused his energies into websites and conscious business development, but the inner peace thing never left.

There’s more!

I’ll share some more incredible tools for unveiling your Life Purpose tomorrow.  If you want to take your first choice among the free gifts, go ahead and order your course today.  Go to: Unveil Your Life Purpose.

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