Why Create A Vision For My Life?

What is the purpose of creating a vision?

If you don’t remember when we said, “We’re on this journey with you,” we are!  I’ve just invested the last ten days visioning deeper than I ever have.  I have gained more clarity in the last 72 hours than I thought possible.  I blush when I think of the magnitude of my vision and the impact I am having on this world.  If you don’t blush when you think of your contribution, you aren’t visioning big enough. The purpose of creating a vision is to give (a visual) voice to your soul and a direction for it’s landing point.

Creating a vision aligns your heart, mind, and soul.

  1. Visioning will put you on the emotional path of creation.  When you honestly invest a chunk of time to vision for yourself, you will find that you feel excitement at what comes out of you.  That excitement is the fuel you need in order to take daily action to manifest your vision.
  2. Visioning directs your attention to what you truly desire; to what wants to be expressed through you.  When you can hold this vision long enough in your mind, you will open up to the opportunities that exist all around you.  You have to be able to see the opportunities in order to say, “yes” to the paths that lead to the manifestation of your vision.
  3. Visioning allows for your soul to express itself.  When you give your soul the freedom to dream, it will.  Your soul yearns to be expressed and when you take that yearning out of it’s many boxes, it will soar in freedom.

What do you have to let go of in order to allow the biggest vision inside of you to emerge?

In order to live my purpose, I have had to release a lot of old thinking.  The biggest belief that I’ve had to release is that no one wants to hear what I have to say.  My words are meaningless and contain no value, so I had better just shut up.  As a (false) protective device, I learned to want what you want.  What I want doesn’t matter and when I speak my truth, you will go away.

Michelle has been visioning alongside me; she pointed out that we want different things and that she didn’t know how it was going to work.  That old, ugly place inside of me popped right back up and all my ego would allow me to think is “I should have kept my big fat mouth shut.”  I know we want different things, but my ego says that I shouldn’t want what I want.  In the past I would adjust my desires to fit in alignment with the other person and then be dissatisfied and resentful that I wasn’t getting what I wanted.  But, it was worth it, because at least I wouldn’t be alone.  The crazy thing here is that I still felt alone.  And unheard!  And I never got what I wanted, unless it was by chance.  Funny huh?

It’s interesting that I don’t know how all of this is going to work either, but in my heart I know I don’t need to know.  I just need to keep coming back to speaking up about what is true for me.  I do know what I want.  I do know why I am here.  And it’s okay if that gets bigger or changes.  My job (and yours too) is to remain open to that big vision inside of you with complete and total faith that you will manifest it.  You will never know how it will happen.  Your mind will never be able to understand those unseen forces working on your behalf, so it’s better to simply open yourself up to the flow.

Before the universe can give you what you desire, you have to know what it is

Start with a writing exercise.  This is a sacred activity, so create a nurturing environment for yourself.  Light a candle, retreat to a special place in nature, or do what I did… (drink margaritas at the bistro).  (Don’t think too much about my choice of a nurturing environment, okay?)  Close your eyes and breathe a few cleansing breaths.  Set an intention to create a vision that excites you and motivates you to take action.

Ask yourself, “What is the desire of my heart?” or some other question that is more appropriate for your life.  Then start writing.  Here are some prompts in case you get stuck:

Always come back to how you imagine you will feel when this vision is manifested.

  • What are the thoughts you are having?
  • What are the feelings that course through your veins?
  • What specifically are you doing in your vision?
  • Is your vision related to your conscious livelihood?  Give details.
  • Who are you interacting with?
  • What daily activities are you engaged in?
  • How does your purpose get expressed through this vision?

When you’ve completed the writing exercise, create a vision board.  Here’s a video to get you started.

What is the real reason to vision?

I know that there is a spiritual gift that exists inside of you that needs to be brought into manifestation.  Your desire to share yourself uninhibited with the world.  You have a purpose and a passion, even if you don’t know what it is.  Visioning can help your purpose emerge.  Visioning can help you gain clarity on the manifestation of your purpose.  Visioning is a tool to use to move any stuck energy inside of you and allow for fresh ideas to emerge.

It’s important to not get tied to your vision once you’ve defined it.  Allow for the expansion of your vision.  Right when you think you know what it is, it might just get bigger than you thought possible or doable.  That’s okay!  While my vision has changed many times over the past few years, it’s also stayed very much the same.  My willingness to let my vision breathe is the single action that brings me additional clarity.

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