7 Ways to Chase your Rainbow for Fun and (Emotional) Profit!

Chasing a rainbow for fun and profit

Do you have a rainbow that you want to chase? Dreams, Goals? A Vision for where you want to be?

I’ve chased a few in my life. – Entrepreneurial ventures, travel, creativity, all in the name of finding my passion. And it worked – at least to some degree. I’ve had lots of fascinating jobs and lived my life with passion and purpose -but sometimes I didn’t always think it through.

Years ago I started a business, and the enthusiasm poured out of my pores. Sleep wasn’t an option and I didn’t care. Coffee set me over the edge since I was already working off an adrenaline high. I loved what I was doing and it showed. The business was successful; I had it for years before I sold it for a nice profit and was able to take several years off from work.

I’ve also chased a few rainbows that didn’t work out so well. I’ve owned a restaurant, (enough said – any other restaurant owners out there?) and sold real estate. I lost a lot of money on the restaurant idea and never made money in homes or land.

I’m the first to say: Go for it! – when you’ve got dreams and rainbows to chase – but engage both your heart and mind.

I’m pretty pragmatic. I don’t want to chase my rainbow by quiting a job before I’ve got money saved in the bank. It’s not in my future to travel around the world with a backpack without first learning a few words of Spanish and French. Some people might call that overly cautious, but I see it as preparation.

My four year old daughter has tons of ideas that are directly from her heart, but she lacks experience and expertise to bring them to fruition. I can help her with my mind, think through the ones that are worth the effort and take action to make them happen.

Today she wants to bake a cake. In her heart she knows it’ll be fun, but to put her in the kitchen with eggs and an oven – well, that would be just plain stupid. She needs to prepare first, get ready, learn a few things and wait for the right timing.

Sometimes it is just a timing issue. With a four year old in my home I’m not about to take off traveling around the country speaking – does this mean I must give up my dream of being a public speaker? No, I’m following my steps, getting ready, speaking locally and on day trips. Honing skills.

Not waiting- preparing.

When I’m about to follow a new dream or idea I’ve got, I tune in and do a bit of internal excavation first. That’s why the restaurant and real estate didn’t pan out so well for me. I didn’t listen to both my heart and mind – I just followed where my heart led me in the moment, without a larger perspective. Maybe If I’d have listened to my own advice on how to chase your dreams…..?

Here’s some advice I’ll be following as I chase my next rainbow:

1. Use my fear! It can be my friend.

What I’d tell a client is: If you want to quit your job to start your own consulting business but are scared silly – use it. What is the fear telling you? Perhaps that you need more skills? Or money saved up in your bank? Perhaps you could sign a consulting contract before you quit your job? Go inside and see if you can journal or meditate on what information the fear may bring to you. Picture the fear as a friend bringing advice.

2. Write out 100 ideas that I have about my dream.

What I’d tell a client is: None of these are steps you actually have to take. At this stage there is nothing to accomplish, they are just ideas, thoughts, brainstorming ideas that may or may not ever actualize. Push through when you’ve only got 45 steps, and again at 72. Work your creative muscles. Write down all the ridiculous thoughts that come up.

3. Then I’d circle three – five items on my list of 100 ideas.

What I’d tell a client is: Choose the ones that resonate with you today. Don’t worry if they aren’t something you’d actually follow through on. This is an excavation process, and a way to free the mind into the heart exploring possibilities.

4. Ask myself, what if I did those three items? What would be different in my life?

What I’d tell a client is: Take a what if position. What if I took up painting on Saturday mornings? What if I planted a flower pot of herbs and put it in my kitchen window? What if…?

5. Notice if accomplishing any of the steps would calm my fear.

I’d ask the client the same. Would taking action on any of these steps calm the fear?

6. Do a mini version of my dream.

What I’d tell a client is: For instance, if you’ve always thought about traveling around the world, take a weekend excursion to the town next door. Consider it practice. Getting ready.

7. Allow myself to be joyful in my present reality – even if it seems I’m not moving closer to my dream.

What I’d tell a client is: If you hate your job, enjoy the drive to work. Perhaps you could find someone to play cards with at the coffee break, or start a lunch time walking ritual. By all means, follow your dreams, but don’t wait to start living your life. The passion can come alive inside you today.

What fear have you had? Inspirations? Dreams? What Rainbows have you chased? Please leave your thoughts below!


This post was inspired by PUG’s comment in reply to my comment in reply to Corinne’s Post.

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