1 Essential Step to Manifesting Your Life Goals

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The New Year is coming; Do you have life goals or resolutions for 2008? Are they the same dreams you had last year? Maybe your goals and dreams are laying dormant in the hidden recess of your heart and when the New Year comes along you’ll say to yourself with conviction:

I don’t believe in making resolutions, they never happen anyway.


Maybe I’ll loose that extra 5 pounds this year. Whatever.

What if this was your year to manifest anything your heart desired? What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that your goals, dreams and desires could all come true in 2008?

What if?

Choose one long dormant dream, or a life goal you’ve been working on for a long time that never seems to happen. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. (after you read this post of course).Think of your goal or dream. Picture it in your minds eye. Now here’s the tricky part. Here’s the one step to manfesting your dreams that I promised you.

  • You’ve got to go in and listen to your heart.

What does your heart say? Is this goal something that you want from deep inside your soul? Or is this a dream that comes from your mind? Can you feel what it would be like to actually have your dream come true or does your mind come in and tell you what it would be like? In other words, is there any emotion attached to your dream?

Once, long ago, as a salesperson for my computer company I made myself a goal of having a Mercedes by the end of the year. (This was back in 1988). I put a photo of the exact car I wanted up on my bulletin board. I detailed every step of what I’d need to do to earn the car. How many sales I’d need to make in a week, a month, the following year, and how long it would take to earn my car. I focused on the car every day and I visualized myself driving it.

The end of the year came, and I didn’t have my new car, I tore down the photo, shrugged my shoulders and moved along planning my next year’s goal.

I didn’t even care that I didn’t get the car.

Now, looking back I can clearly see how skipping the step of checking in with my heart stopped me from getting the car. My heart never really wanted the car.

The car was something that was important in my mind – but in reality I’d probably have been more engaged with planning an exotic trip or a buying new wardrobe. – Something that my heart could get behind.
When we feel totally excited, passionate, and heart engaged with a dream, we’ll do whatever it takes to reach it. If we can tap into the feeling that reaching our life goals will bring us, then nothing can stop us from getting there.

So now, take those three deep breaths, tap into your heart, and allow your deepest desires to come up into your consciousness. Imagine yourself fully living your dream. Is your heart full? Do you feel passion?

Every day, tap into that feeling as you take one small action step toward your life goals. As you feel the excitement brewing as you get closer, your heart will become more engaged and your sub-conscious mind will also work overtime to help you. Creative ideas will arise from the shower, and resources will fall into your lap – all because your heart knows.

This is the step that many people skip, – it can be too hard, or the mind gets in the way. Our mind wants to tell us that our dreams are too big, or unattainable. Don’t fall for it. Our minds can be very deceptive.

It’s not your job to figure out all the hows and whys of getting to your dream. It is your job to hold your dreams sacred.

Your heart will lead you, make you commit, and then your mind will help you execute action steps.

What are your dreams that will manifest in 2008?

I’m working on my next book, Divine Purpose Unveiled and it’ll dovetail with my podcasts, workshops and events. I clearly see myself on stage with Sonia Choquette. This is the year.

This post was inspired by Priscilla Palmer and the reveal your dream challenge.

The challenge was originally started by Neil Sattin – on Getting to the Heart of Personal Development

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