Unleash the Power Within & Attract Money Product Review Question

Creative Commons License photo credit: desi.italy

A few weeks ago Divine Purpose Unleashed was focused on manifesting. The Blog, Radio Show and Workshops were all about how to allow the money flow – both in and out – consciously.

Along the way I met Melissa Zollo, who specializes in Attracting Money and aligning your intentions vibrationally. I interviewed her, and since then I’ve been concentrating on the tools that she talked about on the podcast – Manifesting With Melissa Zollo.
There’s been a lot of interest in that particular show with 100’s downloading it from various sources, and a couple of thought provoking responses on the podcast link here.

I’m thinking of buying her CD program. It is only $129.00. If you’ve tried this program will you please leave a comment below and let me know if you liked it?

Melissa Zollo Audio Program on Attracting Money

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