Your Life Purpose is NOT a Role You Play!


We wear many hats!

Wife, mother, employer, and friend.  Gardener, homemaker, cook, and maid.  Spouse and lover.  Mentor, teacher, and support person.  You play several roles in the course of a day, and if you think one of these roles is your purpose, then you are mistaken!  Even if it’s the most important thing you are doing in your life.

What happens when the role is gone?

There are lots of ways the roles you play change; actually roles change often.  Sometimes your role gets yanked out from under you like when you get fired from a job.  Your role shifts when your children grow up and move out of the house.  You might get married… or divorced.

It’s very common to think that your role is your purpose.  Perhaps it brings you great satisfaction, like with motherhood.  Being a mother (or father) is very rewarding.  While playing this role, we are doing a great service; we are contributing to the world in a very significant way.  We might sacrifice a big part of ourselves while playing this role.

It’s significant, so don’t take this wrong when I say, “Being a mother is not your purpose.”

It’s the same with a job.  Your job is not your purpose.

Thinking your role is your purpose can lead to depression.

Have you noticed what happens when someone loses a role they love?  If they’ve identified their role as their purpose, they become depressed when the role is gone.

What do all these situations have in common?

  • The person who commits suicide when they lose their job of 25 years.
  • The person who can no longer function when their last child leaves home.
  • The person who simply must be married, so she remarries the first person she meets after her fifth divorce.

These people believe, on some level, that their role is who they are. They falsly believe that their role is their purpose in life.  When the role is gone, they lose all sense of purpose.

Look under the role to find purpose.

What is it about the role you play that turns you on?  What is it that lights you up and makes you want to do more of it?

  • Being a mother gives me an opportunity to teach, motivate, and empower.
  • The job you have as a nurse gives you a chance to teach, motivate, and empower.
  • As a wife, you get to teach, motivate, and empower.

Your Life Purpose can be expressed in a hundred ways; in a hundred roles.  Your job is to express your Life Purpose into all areas of your life, so that when one of the roles change you can roll with it.

Your Life Purpose is the thread that runs through your life.  It’s the ‘thing’ you find yourself doing without thinking.  The result of teaching, motivating, and empowering (or whatever it is for you) is your contribution.

When you have a deep awareness of exactly what your Life Purpose is, then you can allow it to permeate your being as the living entity it is.

If you know what your Life Purpose is, then when the role changes you will change with it.  You will find new ways to bring meaning into your life.  It may not always be easy, but that’s another myth!

Michelle, a number one mom, knows that being a mom is not her purpose!

Michelle has been twittering (@DivinePurposeMV) about Life Purpose and roles.  She’s also been yacking about it on Facebook (go be her friend and join the conversation).  When she started in on me about roles, I reminded her about our Myths Report.  One of the most common myths that people use for not living their Life Purpose is that:

Your Life Purpose is being a mother (or other role you play).

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