Will Smith Teaches Life Purpose

What can a celebrity teach you about Life Purpose?

With such a large audience, Will Smith can teach us anything he wants to!  Although Will does not address Life Purpose directly, his message does… and of course, I have something of value to add.

What do you believe in that you are willing to die for?

Tapping into the innate and most authentic part of who you are will, by it’s very nature, call you to deliver your gifts in any way you can.  You will have an ache and determination and desire that propels you into action.  You will be able to deliver your gifts in a variety of ways, and in fact you won’t be able to help it–simply because when you are deeply connected to your Life Purpose, it will permeate your life and the qualities that are yours will be felt by everyone around you.  What you do in the world to live your Life Purpose will be the cause, belief, or conviction that you will be willing to die for.  This will be your unique contribution and tribute to the life you live.

How do you make it more complex than it needs to be?

We make our lives more difficult when we withhold our Life Purpose.  Life will become easier when we are living our purpose… not easier in the sense of relaxation, but in the struggle.  In fact your life may be more difficult, because your passion will take you on a journey to give your gifts completely.  Surrendering to what wants to be expressed from your soul will allow you to experience your life with ease; it is in knowing that you are contributing and making a difference that you will experience ease.

Where you are doesn’t matter, because you are becoming something greater.

Unless you find yourself stagnating, then where you are doesn’t matter.  Are you stuck?  Are you living below your potential?  Some ways you can determine the answers to these questions is if you find yourself with the same complaints for the past 5 years or if the dreams you have for your life are delegated to fantasy.  If you’re not growing yourself into something greater, then you may benefit from a self-evaluation and some support and accountability that a coach can provide.  As long as you are becoming then you have nothing to worry about.

If you are alive, then there is a necessity for you to make a difference.

You have a spiritual responsibility to make this world a better place.  Examine how you show up in the world.  Are the people you are in relationship better off because of you?  That’s your responsibility.  Does your work place benefit from your presence?  Does your community?  Is your environment better because you are here?  Your Life Purpose is needed and it is your responsibility to unveil, unleash, and manifest it into the world because there is a necessity for you to make a difference.  Do you think your Life Purpose is too small?  It’s NOT! Make your life mean something.  I promise you that your life will be better when you make the world a better place.

Challenge Your Beliefs!

If you think that it’s too difficult to give your gifts, then think again.  It may be challenging to nurture your qualities into full authentic expression, but it will be worth it.  If you have naysayers in your life, then talk to me instead.  The bottom line is that you must believe that you have something of value to share before the world can receive your gifts.

Be DELUSIONAL about what you’re capable of!

All successful people must believe in a new reality or they would never go for their dreams… especially if they’ve failed more than a few times–which most successful people have.  Whatever limitations you have learned about yourself — be delusional!  They aren’t true.  You can do anything and the most powerful step you can take is to unleash the qualities in yourself that are most wanting to be expressed; in case you don’t know…I’m talking about your Life Purpose here.  Commit so you don’t relinquish yourself to a life of mediocrity.

Don’t think realistically!  at least not in deciding to live a purpose filled life.

What dream do you have?  What is your vision for your life?  Do you dare?  I say you’d better have one… you’d better take the risk to dream.  Committing to your authentic expression is the switch that commands the universe to respond to your request.  In your commitment, notice if it’s a wholehearted commitment or not.  If it is, then you will do anything and everything to shine the light on your soul and allow for its expansion through manifesting your  Life Purpose.  Begin the creative process with your commitment.  Decide to live a purpose-filled life today and get all the help you need.  Be obsessive and desperate to share your gifts with the world.

Will Smith is just saying what I’ve been saying all along…

I’ve developed a Life Purpose Assessment that will be invaluable to your discovery process.  Once you complete  the assessment, you will be automatically enrolled in a complementary 5-week Life Purpose Discovery Course in affiliation with Mi Hamba.  Here’s to your purpose-filled life….

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