Why Create A Life Purpose Mission Statement?


It’s time to focus your energy!

A great way to connect with your Divine Purpose is to create a mission statement.  I had fun over at Tina Su’s blog, Think Simple Now.  Tina is a great person to connect with if you want to create a positive mental attitude.  She has a short process for you to get into the juice of your purpose.  She has 15 questions to help you discover your personal mission.

I answered the questions earlier today and noticed a theme that ran through most of them.  Here is some of what I learned about myself and confirmed about my Life Purpose.

What makes me smile? My Lover, the absurdity of life, facilitating ‘aha’ moments, when someone truly loves themselves for the first time!

My favorite things to do are being in the energy of life, teaching, being in front of people, making love in the hot sun, facilitating transformation.

I lose track of time when I’m working! Especially, with those ‘aha’ moments!

I feel great about myself, period.  And I love it when I have an impact on someone’s life!  For the better of course!

People who uphold my greatest potential inspire me!  I love confidence and authentic expression.

I’m naturally good at loving and holding people unconditionally while they transform their lives.

People usually seek me out to get to the core of their issue, release deep shame, and heal their hearts.

I teach self-love and self-acceptance!  I teach how to live in a body that’s free of shame!

At the end of my life, I would regret not having the biggest impact I was capable of having!

What matters most to me is intimacy, vulnerability, transparency, and authentic expression.

My deepest values are love, intimacy (connection), acceptance (non-judgment), personal growth, and empowerment.

The biggest challenges I’ve overcome is self-abandonment!  I did that through loving myself and being transparent.

I  strongly believe that we would be better off in a world free of shame.  I have a growing concern and care for our planet, environment, and future as a people.

The message I would most like to get across to people is to be authentic, and that in order to be authentic, you must release all shame (or self-judgment) that lives in your body.

I can best use my resources by loving unconditionally!

A Life Purpose Mission Statement!

Once you answer all the questions, then you pull everything together into a mission statement.  I have one already, but it’s fascinating to me how well it fits with my answers to Tina Su! Here it is!

My purpose is to recognize, honor, and celebrate the sacredness of everyone I meet to create a world free of shame empowering people to acknowledge their own divinity and share their most authentic expression.

Now, that’s a purpose!  Head over to Think Simple Now, and try out the exercise.  Be sure and leave a comment and then let me know what you learn about your Life Purpose!

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