Why and How Subscribe to Divine Purpose Blog?

what is rss and subscribe

Do you know how to subscribe to this blog? Do you care? After all why would you even want to?

I’ll give you three reasons not to miss a post:

  • CK can be funny as heck and you don’t want to miss any of her writings.
  • We give away free stuff, (like the class Tuesday night).
  • You’ll feel more connected to your own Purpose and Passion in your life.

So, how do you subscribe? Well, don’t worry, I couldn’t say it better than Lucy, over on Quest for Comedic Stardom.

She’s taken RSS, and subscribe, feeds and readers and made them easy to understand. So for all you techy-novice readers, take a moment and read her post.

Then come back over here and subscribe so we can stay in touch.

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