Who Has the Answers To Living Your Divine Purpose? Not I

Everything we teach is bull!

Yesterday I told my blog and teaching partner CK, that I thought everything we’ve been teaching is Bull. I mean, how can we know that we even have a Divine Purpose? And if we have one, is it just one purpose or many?

I’ve been searching for years to find my purpose. How can I inspire others to find theirs?
All I have are questions.

  • Does our purpose change over the years?
  • Is raising my child part of my purpose and if so, when she’s gone and out of the house, is my life purpose over? Or does it change? How will I know?
  • If I’m not passionate today, is it because I’m on the wrong path? Following dead energy?

CK and I have been teaching together for about a year now. We teach how to Unveil, Unleash and Manifest your Divine Life Purpose and I’ve gotta tell you, that I’m not sure we have any more answers than you do.

  • Are we supposed to focus in on one goal that is dear to our hearts, and then never ever ever let go?
  • And if we give up, are we letting go? Or not successful?
  • What is success anyway?

There are many successful bloggers that will tell you to focus, set your goals and never look back. And others like Liz who’s blog title includes successful.

They must have it going on.

Even Charlie says it: Never ever ever give up.

I know that works for some people, striving each and every day until finally they’ve reached success. Maybe as an actor, or a singer or an artist. And if you’ve got that kind of internal desire, you probably don’t need one of our classes anyway. You already know that you want to be an artist, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes.

But.. what happens if you are not successful?

Are you a failure at your own life purpose?
If you’ve been given a gift, a talent, a God given Divine talent, like singing, and you can sing like the angels, are you a a failure if we aren’t downloading you on iTunes? Or watching you on MTV? What if all you do is sing to your child? Are you living your life purpose as fully as you can?
Anyone else out there watching American Idol?

Syesha has been singing her heart out, striving for her dream of being a professional ‘successful’ singer each and every week. And she’s been getting better – I’d say she’s most improved. But then a few weeks ago, the theme of the week was Broadway songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber , Syesha sang One Rock and Roll Too Many, and it was as if the diamond inside had been polished. She was on fire, alive, in her element, and you knew in that moment, that she’d probably make it big as a Broadway star.

Is it all about a getting a break in life?

So, here’s the example of Syesha, singing her heart out for years, and then getting her big break, and making a small course correction – without even knowing it. Maybe she did, she’s been an actor, and maybe she already knew that she would bloom adding theatre to her singing, but we didn’t know. We hadn’t seen it yet.
And what if she didn’t get this break to sing Broadway on American Idol. Would another break have come to her? Is it her time to shine? Has Divine Timing all come together along with preparation to make her a star?

What if she had never made it to American Idol?

Then what?

Would she have gone on to become a singing waitress? And could that be part of the plan?
How do you know its time to move on to something else, or just keep plugging away?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Benjamin Franklin

I don’t have the answers. I wish I did.

Oh I can guess.

I can make up theories and give you examples of what has worked and quote famous philosophers and spiritual gurus who’ve studied this better than I, but in the end, I don’t think we really know why some people seem to have better luck than others, or can tap into a purpose and passion and run with it for their whole lives.

Some of us struggle a bit. Try different things. Have doubts. Wonder what is next for us.

So. I don’t have the answers. Not today anyway.

But what if we do have the answers.

Not CK and I , but each of us, in our own hearts.

What if we each have the answers inside that helps us each live a life of purpose and passion?

What if…?

Do you have the answers inside you?

Share please.