Who Else Wants To Be Ruthless?

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Have you read East of Eden? Kate is the most ruthless person I could ever imagine. And I hate it. I hate her. She used her ruthlessness to hurt people and hurt people and hurt people. I would never do anything even close to what Steinbeck created in this classic novel. This is, as I have mentioned before, my darkest shadow. I feel scared sharing this publicly, because you might think I am like her. I have never met anyone like her in real life, but in my heart I know I am her. In avoiding any similarity to her persona, I have held myself back from what I can create in this world.

I have been viewing ruthless as a destructive quality. I have been judging ruthless as bad, and indeed ruthless can be very hurtful. Hitler was ruthless.

I am now in a space of exploring how ruthless can be constructive and used for the benefit of humanity. And how ruthless can be used in the living your life’s purpose.

If I can get this, I can use my ruthlessness to make positive changes in the world. I could use ruthless to end self-abuse. I get this is to our benefit for me to embrace this disowned quality in myself. To use ruthless responsibly and consciously–not out of fear and protection. Or projection!

In order for me to embrace ruthless, I need to know that ruthless is a positive quality. Help me see this more clearly:

  • Who do you know that is expressing ruthless constructively. This could be yourself, someone you know, or someone you know of. Maybe a political figure or someone from history (not the books okay?), or a celebrity…
  • How can ruthless be used constructively? To create. To empower. To manifest peace.
  • How have you been ruthless? The shadow side and the light side?

I don’t want to hurt anyone and being ruthless, even for the benefit of our planet, maybe I will. I don’t want the fear of hurting someone to hold me back from embracing this quality because on some level I know that my ruthlessness is needed. On some level I get that embracing ruthless will add to me and empower me to demand the changes in the world that will bring us into expressing the wholeness that we are.

Part I of this post about Being Ruthless

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