Who Else Wants a Successful Website And Conscious Business?

Dawud Miracle

Do you know Dawud Miracle?

Dawud Miracle will join Michelle this Friday on Live Your Purpose Radio Show. I haven’t personally met Dawud, but I visited his website. I found it interesting that Dawud had a healing practice before making web designing his full time passion.

Topsy Turvey Inside Out?

Many of my clients are healers and to step more fully into their purpose eventually leave the other work they are doing and become full time healers. Dawud let go of a healing practice to invest his time and energy in web design.

If you visit his about page and scroll down you can read about how he chose to follow his heart and let go of that which did not serve his purpose. Here is his tagline:

Helping independent professionals who love what they do develop and build a successful website.

Join us this Friday at 9am MST and ask Dawud some of these questions:

  • How do you build a conscious business?
  • What makes a successful website?
  • How did you know you were on your path?
  • And what are the anchors that keep you on purpose?

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