Who Else Is Living On Purpose?

Creative Commons License photo credit: dtcchc

I interviewed Dawud Miracle this week on Live Your Purpose Radio. I’ll be following up with a post about our show, but I sure was impressed by his clarity. Dawud left his healing practice to concentrate on being a web designer and blogging consultant. He followed his heart and his intuition. Who would have thought blogging could be your life purpose? Dawud did, and followed that impulse.

My friend Carol , EFT practitioner is Divinely Guided in taking her next steps. Of course we all are guided, and I love that she listens very deeply. If you need clarity, Carol can help you tap your way through any situation!

Did you know that This Spiritual Crap Really Works? Tom is living his life on purpose, following his heart, and clearing as he needs to.

Last week was my first post of others Living Their Life Purpose, and I enjoyed writing the post so much I thought I’d do it again today, and make it a weekly post. Leave your comment if you’d like to nominate someone to be included next week!

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