Who Else is Living Life Purpose?

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Would you love to live your purpose but find that fear holds you back? I’ve been following UrbanMonk.net for a while now, and his thoughtful posts often describe things I’ve gone through. This one on transcending fear and living your purpose is brilliant. Head over and leave comments on his blog and then come back here and let me know what you think. (or contact me if you are shy)

Many thanks to Tom Stine who nominated Albert at Urban Monk for this weekly post. Tom shares his thoughts about living free from limitations on his blog, TomStine.com.

Patricia is getting lots of attention these days for her blog Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker, partially about transforming herself after incest. Its a tough subject but she writes with humor, humility and grace. Her post on finding God takes us through her stages of how her view of God and spirituality has changed over the years.

What about you? Are you living your purpose? Do you find your purpose has changed over the years? If so, can you identify threads that weave through your life connecting different stages of life and purpose?

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