When Life Give Your Lemons, Reinvent Yourself!

Corinne Edwards and Personal Growth


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Corinne Edward Financial Abundance 

Want to Reinvent Yourself?
Have you ever lost a job, a spouse, or a dream and wanted to lay down in the dirt and cry? I know I have. Several times in fact. And I did. After a good cry, and a few weeks or even years of internal self growth I’ve reinvented myself. Those of you who know me understand that I’ve already had several careers, and total life changes. Some people find that distracting, but I love the challenge, the excitement of heading off on a trail of this life adventure.

Along the way I’ve had both prosperity, and tight cash flow, and an understanding that it is all part of the flow of my life.

Who’s the Reinvention Queen?
Maybe that’s one reason I’m so attracted to Corinne Edwards, and her blog on personal growth. She’s the Queen of Reinvention.

From Corinne’s site:

I have traveled several life paths – from travel agency owner, to sales trainer, author, lecturer, life coach, TV host – and now a blogger……I’m the author of three books……..In my business incarnation, I was one of the first women in the country to be invited into Rotary International…….

I’ve never met her in person, but I get the feeling that’s she’s a real hoot:

Then after a stint as one of the first women to be a chairperson of a Chamber of Commerce in the United States, I was asked to be president of a chapter of The American Cancer Society. I was in charge of a couple of their smoke-outs – and I smoke.

Isn’t This Abundance Month?
So, what’s all this got to do with money? (This is, after all, financial abundance month on Divine Purpose Unleashed) – Well, I know from previously interviewing Corinne that she’s got a lot to share about manifesting money. Some of her thoughts are pretty practical -get a job, share your passions, sell something… yet she’s got wisdom that comes from a deep curiousity and quest for understanding.

What’s Deepak and Wayne got to do with this?
Where has her quest led her? Well, she’s interviewed some of the giants in personal growth – Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and she’s taught The Course in Miracles, to anyone who will listen. Including prostitutes and notorious Chicago Gang Leader, Michael Smith.

So – Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity to Pick Corrine’s Brain!
Yes, Corinne can talk about spiritual principals of abundance and wealth from a deep wisdom.

Tune in Friday morning Feb 15th, when Corinne will be my guest on BlogTalkRadio – Live Your Purpose. 9:00 MST. (Call in live and participate. 646-378-1381)

We’d love to have you.

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