What is Life Purpose?

Your Life Purpose is your gift to humanity!

If you know what you’re life purpose is, then you are probably aware that you can’t help but live it in some way.  If you don’t know what your Life Purpose is, then please know that while there are ways you can cultivate, nurture, and grow your Life Purpose, it is innate in you.  Your most authentic expression of your soul will emanate the qualities you are here to share, and the more you embody those qualities the more you will feel on purpose.  As you grow this natural way of being yourself, then you will notice you are living more in alignment with the Universe.  When you are in alignment with the Universe, sharing your life purpose, you will notice that the results of your life reflect back the level of alignment.  If you are in alignment, your life will show it.  You will feel it.  You will know it.

Life Purpose is a Creative Force that Transforms

Surrendering into giving your gift will be the single most important thing you can do to align with the Universe.  There is a natural way your ‘being’ impacts the world and when you are truly ‘being’ your Life Purpose, then your life will fall into place.  On the other side of this, you will notice that withholding your gift only wreaks havoc on your life and the people you love.  Living your Life Purpose, giving your gift, will transform your world.  Yes, you will still have challenges.  Life might even be more difficult, because you are being called to share more of yourself.  You are actually being called to transform the planet.  Yes, you… with your little gift of compassion or love or service.  Never underestimate the significance of your gift.

As you give your gift to your family, you will notice a transformation in your own home.  As you give your gift to your friends, you will notice a deeper fulfillment in them.  As you give your gift to your community, you will notice a desire to give more.  As you give your gift to yourself, you will notice that your desire to give more grows.

Your Divine Purpose is the gift of your essence.  It is the deepest truth of your being.  You have a special and unique gift to give and when you give it, the world will transform.  It can’t help it!

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