Who Else Wants To Know What Divine Purpose Is?

Divine Purpose

What do think when you hear the words “Divine Purpose?”

If you are Thinking, you may be missing the essence of what this could mean to you and the impact it could have on your life.

Eckhart Tolle, in The Power of Now, says that words are an entrance point, but cannot define the meaning of something. For example, the word orange is not an orange. But when you eat an orange, you experience the orange. This cannot be explained. What if the words “Divine Purpose” were put into the same concept? They should be.

Is what we are teaching bull*@%!? What would FEAR say?

In a moment of what I believe to be “human fear,” Michelle said to me, maybe everything we are teaching is bull *%$*#. Fear would also say that we are wasting our time and that no one wants what we have to share. Fear would say that we are fakes and phonies and that we don’t know what we are talking about. Fear would say that we better change our name, tone down our message, and dummy up a bit. We don’t know what we are talking about! Fear would coerce us to not say anything that would offend or turn people off. Fear would say, “HIDE!” My fear is disempowering and I have learned to give faith at least an equal voice.

What would FAITH say?

Our society is fear driven. If you listen to the voice inside of your head, you may notice that fear has a stronghold on you. The only way to combat fear in our culture is to give faith an opportunity to be heard. Faith says that, of course we are teaching what we need to learn. Faith says that all we need to do is show up and be authentic and vulnerable in our communication. Faith says to not water down the message we have for people, because the people who are ready to hear it will need its full intensity. Faith says that when we trust and deliver the message that we are living our Divine Purpose. Faith says that Michelle and I are the perfect people at this time to bring this message to the world and that we have been prepared all our lives to do so.

It’s okay to think differently! But don’t let your “thinking” control you.

Michelle and I often have a different take on things and I believe that adds life to the work we do together. Even in our name Divine Purpose Unleashed, we have sometimes very different things to say about it. For me the underlying energy of Divine Purpose is that innate in us as humans is a deep desire to contribute to the world in a positive way–to make a difference! When we are making a difference, we experience joy and passion for our lives and open up to the energies inherent in our makeup. (What would fear and faith have to say about this statement?). Our Divine Purpose can be expressed in numerous ways, and when we are living our purpose, we will experience satisfaction and fulfillment. We teach ways of getting in touch with the energies that lead you to the feelings in your body that tell you that you are on the right track. We call that Divine Purpose Unleashed. If you have an aversion to the words “Divine Purpose” you can do a couple things:

  • Let your “thinking” control you and attach to the words with no regard to the message. Navigate away from this site as quickly as possible, because you are afraid that there are demonic energies at work. Cancel your subscription because you don’t want homeland security to track your internet communications. Be afraid!
  • Be curious. Ask yourself, what is the message behind the words? What is in this for me.
  • Use a word that works for you and allows you to hear the message of what we are sharing.

Maybe there are other things you could do… I am suggesting you bring your awareness to the table so you can choose a perspective that empowers you.

If we don’t know, then how do we make a living teaching people to live their purpose?

Only our ego would be worried about our ability to make a living teaching people to live their divine purpose, thereby manipulating us into into fear. In fact, I love being a partner with our clients. The more that we can admit that we don’t know, the more we can share in true humility the wisdom that our life lessons have for the world–authentically. In our own ways, Michelle and I have been searching all our lives to participate in a way that impacts the hearts of people in positive ways. Our Divine Purpose is to inspire and empower, and I believe we have hit the mark. That’s what faith says!

This post was inspired by Corinne Edwards guest post and the comment about people not listening because of the meaning we give to words. Read Michelle’s post, and Corinnes post, and then comment on your take on Divine Purpose! What is Divine Purpose? Tell all!

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