What is Divine Purpose?


Everyone who is reading this has the same thing in common.

Pure Potential!  Is it easy to acknowledge that prior to your birth, you were pure potential, and more difficult for you to jump on board this the fact that you still are?  While you may have no idea what you can accomplish in this lifetime, I assure you that it is more than what you think you are capable of.  And it doesn’t need to be a struggle.

The difference between struggle and allowing.

The word “accomplish” brings up images of doing and making things happen; the ‘doing’ that is about pleasing others and doing what you think you should do, not what you really want to do.  If you are searching and struggling to bring purpose and passion into your life, then take a look at your motivations.  Is your doing about other people and not about what makes your heart sing?  Are you motivated to please others, to be accepted, or to not get in trouble?  Maybe you need to stop the struggle and start allowing for your Divine Purpose to emerge.  Invest some time discovering what you are all about.  And then commit to your authentic expression!

From the awareness that emerges you will be able to better discern the choices that support you in fulfilling your potential and living your Divine Purpose.

Your Divine Purpose is the expression of your pure potential.

This is the potential you have for making a huge difference in the world–not by “doing” but through “being.”  You will be supported in this highest expression of your divinity as you start saying “yes” to the promptings of your soul and “no” to that which no longer serves you.

Here is what you may need to wash out of the way:

  • Excuses–you will need to give up all the excuses for why you can’t have the life you want.  If you’re truly ready to step up, then you will want to know the excuses that have been holding you back.  If you aren’t sure you are using excuses, I can help you identify some of your blind spots in this area.  All you need to do is send me an e-mail to get started.  I don’t charge for this.  Do you know how many people use the excuse that they don’t want to ‘waste my time?’  Do you know how many people have a belief that they just aren’t worth it?  If you are thinking that, then you are using an excuse.
  • Blame–If it’s always someone else’s fault why you aren’t living the life of your dreams–or at least moving steadfastly toward it, then you are dis-empowering yourself.  Take full responsibility for what you want and stop being a victim to all the people you think stand in your way.  I guarantee you that that is something underneath your blaming that is more likely related to a fear of some sort.

Are you ready to discover your potential?

What would you need to do to unveil your Life Purpose?  Do you need to give something up like excuses or blaming?  Do you need to make a commitment?  or get support?  Do you need to believe in yourself?  Do you need someone to believe in you until you can believe in yourself?

Are you ready to know yourself as this potential?  Even if you don’t know what that looks like or how it will manifest?  I am waiting for your readiness!

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