What Everybody Ought to Know About Visualization Manifesting

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“The Secret” has been out long enough for many people to realize that The Law of Attraction is not working to manifest anything. ..And then when I say that it is working in your life, you either get angry with me or you beat yourself up because you are ‘doing it wrong.’ Or because you don’t know how to do it.

I would like to make a powerful request that you not beat yourself up and instead entertain the thought that maybe you need a little more information (and practice) to shift your internal world so that you manifest what you want.

The Law of Attraction is about alignment. If you aren’t manifesting what you want to, look at your alignment. Here are some sample ‘affirmations’ to work with. Since February is all about money, let’s use money as our example:

I want my bank account to grow.

Your subconscious always says yes. You paste a picture in your mind of your bank account growing, but it doesn’t grow–maybe it even gets smaller. Why? With this affirmation your visualization manifesting is working to create more ‘want’ in your life. Your bank account doesn’t grow with this affirmation. Your subconscious says yes to the wanting, and that is why your bank account may even get smaller to really give you the experience you are asking for in the wanting. Let’s try another one.

My bank account is growing!

This affirmation doesn’t work unless your bank account is already growing. Even if you picture in your mind your bank account growing, it won’t because what you hear (and feel) is “liar” my bank account isn’t growing–it is getting smaller. You are out of alignment with this affirmation. Your words, your thoughts may say that it is growing, but you feel the liar inside and your subconscious says yes to the feeling. Are you ready for one that might work? Here goes.

I am excited at the thought of my bank account growing.

How does this feel? Is this an affirmation that ‘feels’ different when you say it? You may need to play with it, but what you are looking for is an energetic alignment with what you say you want and what your subconscious believes is already true. That’s why you can’t make it up. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work on lies, only on the alignment of your inner-truth.

Melissa Zollo from Present Memory is an expert on Visualization Manifesting. To delve deeper into this concept, join Michelle this Friday Feb 29th, at 9am MST on Live Your Purpose Blogtalk Radio.

I am excited at the thought that an investment of one hour of your time this Friday could change your life forever!

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