What Everybody Ought To Know About Their Money Projections

Your Money Projections We take money so seriously. Many of us have deep emotional wounds around money that lead us back to our childhood. You may want to explore your first memories around money, before you continue. Get clear on the pain that you are living today. What are your first memories around money? What did you learn about money when you were young? What are the beliefs that you developed as a child? How do those beliefs manifest in your life today? Explore your past, identify your projections, and consciously choose to stop projecting onto your money.

Now, I will tell you the truth:

In reality, no-one wants money! Yes, you heard me. Nobody! Not even you! You might think you want money, but you don’t. You might be thinking, “Yes, I do! I want money! Who does she think she is? She doesn’t know me!” Right…

You do not want money!

Look for your projections and limiting thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes around money. Think…. If you had money (or more money–because a lot of people have money, they just think they want more money), how would you feel? What would you be able to do? What can money give you? Write down everything you think money can give you. Security. Fun. Safety. Peace of mind. Stability. Less stress. Keep going… How will money make you feel? Will you have better relationships? Will you have more confidence? Will you have prestige?

Do you see the projection? You don’t want money, you want what money can do for you. You want the feeling you imagine money will provide.

Byron Katie has illuminated this concept for me and taken me deeper in my relationship with money. Ask yourself, “Is that true?” Explore. Raise your consciousness. Watch this video and then ask yourself these questions:

  1. How am I projecting onto my money?
  2. What would need to shift for me to claim my power around money?
  3. What belief, thought, or behavior would I need to give up to change my relationship with money?
  4. What new belief, thought, or behavior could I replace it with?
  5. What would I need to know in order to let go of my projections onto my money?
  6. What is true?

What is up for you? Any shifts in consciousness? Please share: How is your relationship with money changing?

For further information on how you project onto your money, read Morgana’s post on Meet Your Money.

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