What Does My BATHROOM have to do with Oprah and Life Purpose?

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Somewhere about 2006 I was shopping at Sammy’s Organics in Colorado Springs.  My friend (and owner of the store) Vivian Magruder introduced me to a lovely woman.  Viv introduced us in the parking lot and the woman and I exchanged numbers.  It was a joy to explore what each of us had to offer and we ended up hiring each other.

Well, the woman was Michelle Vandepas and she became my consultant and helped me set up my relationship coaching business to heal broken hearts, then Michelle hired me to take her through The Best Year of Your Life process licensed to me by Debbie Ford.

It wasn’t too long after experiencing each others work that we formed a partnership and opened the doors to Divine Purpose Unleashed, LLC.  One of the first things Michelle did was make a declaration…

I’m going to be on Oprah!

I must admit that I thought that was a lofty goal.    Michelle started a blogtalk radio show and her first interview was… guess where?


That’s right.  She had her first headset…..and the toilet seat was down! (in case you were wondering).

I admired her as she started honing her skills and confidence level.  She learned everything she could about interviewing.  I watched her as her passion grew and turned into a commitment.  She’s let other things go in service of her commitment and the doors have opened providing her countless opportunities.  Here are just a few things she has done in the last three years in preparation for being on Oprah:

  • Michelle was the radio anchor at the 2009 Sobcon.  This is a high level conference for bloggers and she made some great connections while doing what she called “practicing.”
  • Michelle was a speaker at the 2009 Authorfest in Colorado and this year is a sponsor for the 2010 AuthorFest.  She will be interviewing hundreds of authors and helping them market their book.
  • Michelle has interviewed over 150 spiritual leaders in the past three years including Neal Donal Walsh, Conversations with God, P.M.H. Atwater, Trish BishopAmit Goswami, and Tom Volker.

With each interview on talking purpose, Michelle gets better and I think she stopped “practicing” a long time ago. 

In walks OPRAH! Metaphorically speaking of course.

Oprah just made public a contest to make it possible for Michelle to be a TV show host on Oprah’s new OWN cable TV network.  You can vote for Michelle at Oprah today!

How do you get your audition tape listened to by Oprah?

In the past I think all you could do is send in an audio recording through the mail, but with internet… WOWIE!  We imagine that hundreds of tapes will be sent in to be listened to and the producers will need to listen to them, but they probably won’t listen to them all.  Lucky the internet can help, and so can you!

Please listen to the audition tape and vote on it!  The more votes for Michelle’s tape, the more likely it will be listened to by a producer.  Some people already have 89 million votes!  Don’t let that discourage you from listening and voting!

Her audition tape could be listened to with as few as 5000 votes… and that means you can help!

Please listen to the interview, and then if you feel it’s Oprah worthy, vote for it!  That’s all!  Just a few minutes of your time and we will be forever grateful.  Michelle is preparing a special bonus for those who vote on her tape and we’ll let you know about it in a couple days.

Vote now for Michelle

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