What Do Eggs Have To Do With Life Purpose?


Whether you are living your Divine Purpose or not will be determined by your egg!

Our lives can become so self-contained that we aren’t even aware of the myriad of possibilities available to us.  If you’ve been living your life, going through the motions, and then feeling resigned to your current circumstances, then you are probably stuck inside your egg.  Inside your egg are all the thoughts and beliefs and actions that keep you in your limitations.  If you are ready to break out of your shell, then you need to grow beyond it’s confines.

You have to think outside the egg!

This is another way of saying that if you want something different, then you have to do something different.  So often we make choices from inside the egg and then we wonder why nothing changes in our outer experience of life.  When this happens to you, realize that you are stuck in your egg.  If you want something different, then the choices you make need to be consistent with the person you would be if you were already on the outside of the egg.  You’ll need to ask yourself questions as if you were already on the other side.  Here are a few to consider:

  1. If I were already living my Divine Purpose, what are three actions I would take this week?
  2. How would I feel if I were fully sharing my spiritual gifts?
  3. Who would I hang out with if I were confident in going for my dreams?
  4. What would I be telling myself on a regular basis if I were successful?
  5. Imaging you are 100% successful in developing and sharing my gifts with the world, then ask yourself, “What actions did I take to get me here?”

I met with Michael Beckwith in April.

Michael inspired my conversation about Life Purpose and eggs.  He told a wonderful story about how humans are like a little chick in its egg.  He explained that the chick does two things: eats and pollutes its environment.  When the chick grows, it pecks through its shell into another world.  Michael said that we ask God for the wrong things like more food and a bigger egg, but that just gives us more of the same.  If you want to get out of the egg, you will have to ask a more appropriate question such as, “How can I grow?”  Then don’t be surprised when you are provided with the perfect growth opportunities!

“Your current circumstances cannot be solved inside the egg!” –Michael Beckwith

If you were completely confident that there was a glorious life on the other side of the egg, what risks would you take?  What plans would you put in place?  What support would you seek?  What dreams would you allow to take root?  Think outside the egg, allow yourself to dream, and then take the actions that come from the answers to these questions.

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