Veterans Day

A note from CK: 

I attended a Veterans Day celebration at my daughter’s school today.

They played “Taps”           

I cried.

Then I thought about my Divine Purpose.  Is it big enough?  There are so many meaningful missions I could have.  I could devote my time to educating the children in 3rd world countries.  I could fight domestic violence.  I could feed the hungry.  I could advocate for children of abuse.  With Veterans Day in my face, I could volunteer my time to promote peace.  A lot of time. 

I know my efforts would be well received in any arena.   All of this wondering is just me grasping for the expression of my Divine Purpose.

Because the natural place for me is not a struggle, or a question, or a grasping.  It is easy. 

Self-Esteem is the key.  If we, as a people, feel good about who we are and what we are up to in the world, peace will follow.  If we, as a people, stop judging ourselves as bad or wrong, fear will melt away and peace will follow.  And, if I simply live my Divine Purpose, which is to empower people through self-esteem, peace will follow.

Imagine a world where everyone feels good about themselves.  They don’t compare themselves to others.  They feel worthy to live their Divine Purpose.  Do you think there would be peace?


I commit to living my Divine Purpose–which is to empower! 

It is my intention that everyone I come into contact with is empowered to live and love more authentically.  Everyone I come into contact with is empowered to let go of judgment and fully accept the Divine Being they are.  Peace is NOW!

Is my Divine Purpose big enough?  Yes.

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