What’s The Kelly Bluebook Trade In Value of Your Divine Purpose?

Life is about trading.

If you work for someone else, you trade 40 hours of your time for 40 hours of pay.

If you get your car worked on, you trade money for a service.

How much do you trade for a cup of coffee? or a new sweater?

How do you feel about all the things you have traded for?

Do you value them?  Do you appreciate how hard you’ve worked for your trades?  Most trading in our lives is done for a monetary exchange, but what about the things you trade that don’t involve money?

When my son was a toddler, I was in a babysitting co-op and traded little washers for 30 minutes per child.  It was a great experience for me to have lots of people to trade babysitting with and still feel there was an equal balance.  No need for resentment, if you needed more time for yourself you knew what you needed to do.  And I trusted everyone in my washer group.

When I split up with my husband five years ago, he traded me in for a new boat.  That didn’t feel so good for me, but maybe because he was the one doing the trading.  I prayed for a better relationship with him and that’s what I got.  It wasn’t the way I would have done it. God has his ways of answering prayers but, as far as a trade I got what I asked for.

Today, I’m trading what I want in order to support someone I love in going after what he wants.  In letting go, I’m trading in my fear for an extra dose of faith

Have you traded in what you really want for yourself?

How often do you put off living your soul’s purpose?  How many times do you avoid taking responsibility for the expression of your purpose by choosing activities that don’t support it?  How many times do you have the thought that you should be doing something different than what you are doing?  How often do you trade in your commitment for short-term gratification?  If you are feeling resentful of the very things (and people) you love and that make life worth living, look to see what you’ve been trading…

How much is your Divine Purpose worth?

You have a Divine Purpose and you know it.  Maybe you need to dust it off; get it out and check for moth holes, but you have something very special inside of you that needs to be developed more fully and expressed into the world.  Are you willing to do what it takes?  Maybe you have been, but you know you need to take it to the next level and haven’t.  You have to make a decision.  That’s all there is to it.  What is the value that you place on unveiling, unleashing, and manifesting your Divine Purpose?  In coaching terms the appropriate question is…

What are you willing to give up?

Are you willing to trade in your excuses?  Think of all the reasons you give for not taking the steps you already know you need to.  Are you willing to trade in your limited thinking to live a life of purpose?  Or are you content with your limitations?  Are you willing to trade in your complaining?  Your life of ease?  A partner?  What price are you willing to pay?  If you haven’t already downloaded our Myths Report, you can check out some of the most common ways we trade in our purpose.

To empower yourself to give up everything that stands between you and your purpose, ask yourself

What am I trading in these days?

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