Who Else Wants To Use Their Pain to Live Their Divine Purpose?

Thorns protect the rosesDebbie Ford invited me to be her guest at the April 2007 Shadow Process. Each time I have assisted or participated in this transformational work I got a piece of myself back that I didn’t even know was missing. In her book, The Secret of the Shadow, Debbie talks about our unique recipes. She shared the exercise with us at the workshop and I want you to share with you what I got out of it.

What are the top few things that you believe you could have done without? Did you go through a divorce, and you think you shouldn’t have? Did your parents split up devastate you? Were you fired from a job you hated anyway? Were you molested as a child? Did your business partner screw you out of millions?

Have you been afraid to open your heart? Not only to your friends, family, a mate, but to yourself and your dreams? Do you let your pain keep you stuck in the patterns of the past? Are you ready to use your pain to move you powerfully into a life you love?

What if you knew that the very incidents that give you the most pain have the most valuable lessons and gifts and provide the DNA, so to speak, to give you exactly what you want in life? Would you look at your pain differently? Would you give up your blame and excuses and search for the gifts?

Think about it. And then think about it some more.

How did you learn compassion? or generosity? Where did you get your integrity? or your intolerance for bully’s? How did you come to your dedication? or your loyalty?

The reason for our pain is to open the door for our evolution. Identify the top 5 most painful events in your life and then see if you can identify the wisdom…the gifts…the purpose of your pain… Are these the events that make you who you are today? How can you be grateful for what has happened in your life?

The top couple things for me are:

  • A mom who left at least 3 times without saying goodbye and never crying over it as a child. (I recently grieved this event and found the wisdom.)
  • Being sexually abused as a child.

What could I have learned from these incidents? Mistrust or trust? Is it a choice? What could be the gifts? My top gifts are compassion, empowerment, and non-judgmental holding of humanity. Can you see how these gifts might have been born?

What is your pain? Extract the wisdom from your experiences so you can use it today for the greater good of us all. We need your gifts… What if this is where your life purpose stems from… Perhaps the circumstances of your life can propel you into a perspective that helps lots of people…

Are you living too small? If you are not using your pain, your pain is using you and you are limited in what you have been able to share with the world. The pain you have endured is for a reason and it is to help many more people than you have. Don’t keep it to yourself. What is your purpose? Perhaps it is to love…. Yes, what if that is all… Could your love change the world? It certainly could change your world if you loved yourself. And if you love yourself you will show up in the world differently than you have. Loving yourself will send ripples out touching people you will never meet. Yes, I believe we are all connected.

How can you use your pain? Do you know? Do you need help seeing it? Here are some things you can do to see it more clearly: read The Secret of the Shadow, call me for a session (complimentary of course), meditate on this and then journal. Make a commitment to extract the wisdom from your pain and to make a difference in the world.

How do we live a life of passion? No guilt, no shame, no blame, or excuses. Only gratitude and wisdom. I have learned a lot from my pain. What have you learned?

Maybe you can see your passion and purpose if you think about what you would be doing right now if no one were watching. What is it that you would be doing if you didn’t think you should be doing what you are doing? What is it that you would be doing if you weren’t blaming the people for hurting you and “breaking” you? Maybe you could find some clues in these questions… Let me know….

If you are further along your path than I am giving you credit, how can you live you purpose even more fully? What do you need to give up or let go of? Who do you need to stop blaming? What excuses do you need to give up to go even deeper? What if no matter where you are on your path, you were living too small? Don’t discount where you are, but do ask: what is your next evolutionary step?

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