Here is A Quick Way to Support Others in Living Their Soul’s Purpose

The Children in Uganda Thank YouThe Children in Uganda thank Beau Bressler. These children need us. Will you help?

Beau Bressler, a 12-year-old boy raised $85,000 to build a school in Uganda. The children of the village excitedly sent him a thank you card. The entire village is coming together to receive this gift. Vivian Glyck is the Founder of Just Like My Child Foundation. She has collected over $100,000 to bring a school to these children who have far less than we do.

After listening to Vivian speak about the HIV rate and the condition of the drinking water and the fact that, for many of these children, their purpose in life is survival, I decided that I want to contribute to the quality of their lives. And I am asking you to take 5 minutes to check out these links and ask your higher self if it is in your path to participate.


In asking you to invest 5 minutes of your energy and some of your money into this project, I get to look at more of my shadow. My hands are sweating. My heart is racing. Who am I to ask? After all, you work hard for your money. Don’t you? It’s yours. You are certainly going to unsubscribe to this blog if I ask for money right? Am I appearing desperate? That’s an ugly shadow… In sharing my process with you, my shadows of weak and needy are emerging….yuck… all the reasons I have never asked in the past. All of the reasons why I am sure you will say no.

There is another side.

Who am I NOT to ask?


A friend and colleague of mine, Carla Lee, sat at the edge of the California coast and watched painfully as a baby seal searched for comfort and sustenance only to be pushed away time after time. Carla observed that there was one who could help and chose not to. She watched, helpless, as the baby seal died right before her eyes. Carla powerfully shared her observation as she realized that she has the capacity to save a life–if she chooses.

I teach a class on Wednesday mornings and noticed that as we have the intention of receiving, we speed the process up when we give. Abundance begins with what we are willing to share.

These ideas are coming to me as I write. How can I share more of who I am? How can I support you in sharing more of who you are (that is my passion you know….)? Here is my commitment. I will donate 25% of my coaching fees from the next 5 clients I hire to The Global Heart in support of The Uganda Project. I think that is 1/4 of a teacher. I will pay for the brain of one teacher. Who needs a coach?


I imagine that as these children are supported through the gift of an education, they will live their life’s purpose and contribute to their community and the world as a whole. We are all connected. We all have a piece to contribute.

Who am I not to ask? Feel free to say no, but only after you check in with your heart and your purpose.

Will you make a donation to The Global Heart?

You can contribute through our donate button or to The Global Heart directly (if you choose to donate to The Global Heart directly, please leave a comment that you were referred by Divine Purpose Unleashed). I know the people involved in this project and feel they are in high integrity. Vivian has been to Uganda and met with the children. A trip is being planned to visit. You can come too.


If you have donated to this project or have a story to contribute, please share it here.

Support the children in Uganda

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