Twitter Rocks – And Rally’s – And Helps With A ‘Theft’

WARNING This is a bit of a Geek Post and if you are not on Twitter, you should be! This is why: And if you are, please follow all these rockin’ peeps!

Last Friday evening I was surfing the net, following links, and checking out my own Google and Alexa rankings. I was thrilled when I saw Divine Purpose Unleashed in the top three for personal growth, and was scrolling down to see who else made it to the front page.

At the bottom of the page was a site with Divine Purpose Unleashed mentioned! I hadn’t heard of the site so went over to look. There was my e-course ! The e-course CK and I worked months on. The Unveiling Your Life Purpose course. Right there on his site. As a download.

For Free!

ACK! This is the course that CK and I have sold for $129.00. We have affiliates who promote it and we were getting ready for a launch of the product with free promotional downloads in Mid- January. Now, there was our course , just sitting there, free for anyone to grab it!.

Was this a misunderstanding? A theft? What was going on?

Immediately I emailed the guy asking him what was happening, why did he have our course, and please take it down. Then, I went to my Twitter Community and posted this tweet:

this guy has my e-course, which I sell, up for free as a download. How? not sure? stole it. HELP! (I;ve taken out link).

Within minutes the Social Networking community came to my aid – with conflicting advice…..:

jankoonline :@DivinePurposeMV I’m a lawyer and I am ready to sue! 2009-01-02 9:33:14 Reply

YatPundit :@DivinePurposeMV send him a nastygram, fuss about him on your site, then have a drink and move on. don’t stress abt things you can’t fix 2009-01-02 19:30:58 Reply

I wasn’t (quite) ready to sue but Thank you Steve, – and my online friend YatPundit hadn’t realized yet it was a product that had been swiped.

While I was researching how my e-course got on his site, (I took it off my site in case of a security breach), Twitter went to bat for me. In the next few minutes I was sent 20 private messages, (which I won’t share here) but I do give kudos and link love at the bottom of this post), and these are just a few of following public tweets:

BeckyMcCray @DivinePurposeMV Have you checked this list of infringement resources from @cspenn ? 20:42:03Reply
Brent GBHGDigital @DivinePurposeMV do you have creative lic or copyright on your stuff? alot of the time all it takes is simple cease dev

I have now, Thank you Becky McCray! I’ve used some of the resources in my letter to him!

Lawyers came to help – Thank you! I even got a phone call at home with advice from
Gregory Scott Smith an attorney from Atlanta Georgia. He sent me links and gave me some straight scoop. Thank you.

He’s known as @MindMiner on Twitter: Please follow him:

MindMiner :@DivinePurposeMV and all, most likely stealer will go away once his ego is satisfied that he is righteous – but save all he sends to you.2009-01-04 17:08:12Reply

And Thank you to @DevotionL for hooking me up!

And Although I didn’t need it, look at this gracious offer:

paulnicholls :@DivinePurposeMV please mail me. I will be ever so happy to help you, I won’t charge you, I’ll draft the letter to get out on Monday.

Go check out Paul at his podcast.

And so I wrote an email asking the ‘stealer’ to take my course off his site, and to Cease and Desist. He sent emails back to me and other Twitters who sent him emails and he also posted on my blog.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, his response was that he thought he was promoting my course being an affiliate – and that giving away our course was promoting us….

(as a side note, when you are an affiliate for Divine Purpose Unleashed, you get specific banners that link back to our free Myths Report – and then get credit for sales)

In the meantime, Peeps were doing their own research!

Todd R JordanTojosan @DivinePurposeMV interesting stuff about him here – http://tinyurl.c5y

AnnieRobAnnieRob @DivinePurposeMV Ha ha! Yes he has about 100 sites all on similar topics gotta be a scam artist!!

Michelle ShaefferSmallBizMuse @DivinePurposeMV If it’s in the UK (I think it is) then this applies instead of DMCA – http://tinyurl.cmj

The Tweets Kept coming:

inworship : @DivinePurposeMV Don’t know why he is defending himself or arguing back. Strange.
Trending RT Stream: from: @AnnieRob RT DivinePurposeMV this guy has my e-course, which I sell, up for free as 2009-01-02 19:53:24Reply

YatPundit :@DivinePurposeMV do a traceroute on the IP address of his server and see where it lands. 2009-01-02 19:52:53

SmallBizMuse :@DivinePurposeMV nameservers pointed to which is registered to so I think that’s probably the host. 2009-01-02 19:56:02

Maria_G : @DivinePurposeMV Hmm. Well, if that’s the site owner’s info you can send the letter to him directly. Must be a way to find host from IP? 2009-01-02 19:55:16

CherylSmith999 : @DivinePurposeMV that’s crazy making! do tweet any resolution. Seems @lizstrauss faced similar situation not long ago. May have insight.2009-01-02 9:44:13

Do you know Glenda below? I’m complaining about a broken wrist and Glenda takes the time to type with one thumb! Get to know her, please watch this video of Glenda typing.

GlendaWH :@DivinePurposeMV LET us know if you need the twitter mob to “talk” with him. 2009-01-02 19:47:12Reply

And many other Twitter friends:

balancenoosa :RT @AnnieRob RT @DivinePurposeMV this guy has my e-course, which I sell, up for free as a download. How? http://www.linkremoved 2009-01-02 19:45:56
jankoonline :DivinePurposeMV Am I gonna have to learn to drink Irish Whiskey? What’s up? Is your thief from Ireland? 2009-01-02 23:42:24 Reply
CCSeed : @DivinePurposeMV of course…if Karma is…then he better duck…(he’s already walking like one 2009-01-02 21:56:00 Reply
KathrynHallPR :@DivinePurposeMV I wrote to Tony. Given what he’s promoting (David Whyte, et. al.) I find it really hard to believe HE “stole” your course.2009-01-02 21:07:59
Thank you Kathryn – Yes a voice of calm in the storm!
HeatherO : @DivinePurposeMV seriously, look up at whois and send notice of copyright infringement to him & provider
gassho @DivinePurposeMV I guess the real lesson is how it was “stolen.”2009-01-03
paulnicholls :@DivinePurposeMV Just before I go, the chap who you have an issue with is in Ireland. Unfortunately out of my jurisdiction. I can still help
eeUS :@DivinePurposeMV if more weirdness – delete his comment off your site. Ask him not 2 contact you or use you website. B safe 2009-01-04 16:49:09 Reply
johnflurry :@DivinePurposeMV that is pretty rotten.

When @ChrisBrogan Re-Tweeted things really let loose. Do you know Chris Brogan? He’s a Social Media Expert, Internet Guru, and all around nice guy. He’s also got over 31,000 followers on Twitter, so when he sent off my tweet I got 100 new followers on Twitter in 20 minutes! <chuckle>

Chris Broganchrisbrogan @DivinePurposeMV – RT @paulnicholls: Get a cease and desist letter out to him.Threaten injunctive relief and an action for loss of revenue.

Many of the Twitters also sent emails off on our behalf.

The next morning our course was taken off the site. He sent an email and I’ve confirmed it.

@Tojosan :@DivinePurposeMV Wonderful news. No one deserves to be ripped off.2009-01-03 13:33:10Reply

This seems to sum it up:

ColoradoPatent :@DivinePurposeMV I have witnessed a new form of copyright enforcement! You just made my day! TwitterLaw! Congrats to you for stopping him.2009-01-03 15:48:45

So, now the wind seems to be taken out of sails a little bit. Since the course was up for free for a while we’ve decided to offer the course as it stands at a reduced rate during our launch in January. (to stay informed please sign up for our newsletter on the top right of our site). CK and I will then revamp the material, add new information and relaunch again at the full price later this Spring.

I see the blessings though. They came out in force in a Twitter Stream. See the complete DivinePurposeMV Twitter Stream, and follow the story

I have taken all references to the site in this post. The gentleman involved did take it off his site within 24 hours of my sending him the email. Thank you.

P.P.S. @MindMiner on Twitter: gave me another follow up phone call today. A new Twitter friend for life. I’m excited to meet him and his lovely wife at Sobcon.

And some other thanks go out to Peeps who helped – please follow them too!

hendryleehendrylee @DivinePurposeMV Make sure your site is secure. And use DLGuard or other script to protect paid downloads. From @chrisbrogan

Joni Muellerjonimueller @DivinePurposeMV Yep, he’s on LinkedIn too.… .. LI is Blocked here at work but should be same guy.

Brent GBHGDigital @DivinePurposeMV Thats what social networking is all about…. :)

EcoDivaEcoDiva @DivinePurposeMV -most of us can relate to your situation..gr8 thing about the internet is the word gets out @ quantum speed..cannot hide it

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.DArtCareerDeva @DivinePurposeMV Can you prove the date U first started using the course? Then, contact the web host and see what they’ll do.

Teresa HallTeresaWrites4U @DivinePurposeMV Looks like you’re having troubles? Did you get it fixed? Anything I can do to help?? from web in reply to DivinePurposeMV

Steve Jankowskijankoonline @DivinePurposeMV There are a ton of crooks online. Everybody thinks everything is free. Intellectual property is NOT free! My Brain Hurts!

HiroBoga :@DivinePurposeMV Thanks Michele. Yes, and yes! So glad you did too . . . May there be many more for you in 09 2008-12-31 20:44:54
jonimueller @DivinePurposeMV Let’s hope some of that KARMA comes back to bite that guy in his donkey. Jeez. Looks like you’re handling it tho.

To the DM’s Thanks












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Thanks to all.

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