There Has to be More to Life than This!

How to fill the emptiness…

The world today reflects a spiritual emptiness that many try to fill with material accumulation.  Try filling this emptiness with purpose, and you will discover that there there really is more to life than what you are currently living.  It’s not just a thought or a yearning… there is much, much more!  And it can never be filled by the external.  Go inside and discover….

You Matter!

There are no two people on the planet that are exactly the same.  Your life experiences, your personality, and unique genetic makeup speak to your uniqueness.   When engaged, you will birth your gift to the world.  What is your gift?  It’s your most authentic expression in the service of humanity.  Even if you are serving just one person, you are making a difference in the world.  You are of such significance that you should make it a priority to express your authentic self to the fullest–as a song and dance of your deepest commitment to the expression of who you are.

You living your life purpose is not about you and yet it’s all about you.  When you are fully expressing your core essence, you will experience what life is really about.  Making a difference may not always be easy.  Do you think that Mother Teresa had it easy living in the poorest parts of the world?  Nah!  She dedicated her life to the poor, she gave her life in service and found meaning for her life.  You don’t have to serve like she did, but when you find your Life Purpose–you will have to serve.

Another way we can talk about service is leading with your core essence quality. When you lead with this innate quality, you will find yourself giving your gifts in many ways… that might even seem insignificant.  Don’t be fooled, you matter!  And your gifts matter to those receiving them.

You will find pleasure by being YOU!

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