The Trees can talk!

A note from CK:

This morning I was sitting at my local hangout spot, The Mate’ Factor.

I can be found there just about everyday. 

I sit there with my computer and write…I sit there with my binder and prepare…I sit there with my mate’ and think.  You get the idea.

Today both of my favorite tables were taken, so I sit in a booth overlooking The Loop.  The Loop is our Mexican restaurant.

I notice that trees are everywhere, but behind The Loop is a tree that really catches my attention.  It grows straight and then dramatically curves to the right, framing the top of an evergreen.  It appears to have made a midlife change, “hmmm,” I think.  “What is it like to be a tree?”

Well, the first thing that comes to my heart is that trees don’t hold back.

They say, “I want to grow!”

And they don’t let rocks stop them, or lack of water, or even buildings…

They just grow!

And they grow in crazy ways.  Some grow straight and some grow crooked, and they don’t sit there and compare themselves to other trees, or why it is okay for the other trees to grow and not them.

They just grow….  It is their nature to grow–no matter what!

And then I think…”people are more complicated.”

We have reasons why we shouldn’t grow.   We have excuses and blaming to impede our growth.

And we use fear as an excuse to not live our Divine Purpose.

We are crazy!

We don’t want to grow because we might fail.  We dont want to grow because we might block someone else’s light.  We don’t want to grow because someone might think we are trying to outshine another. 

So, we hold back.

And that hurts.  It hurts us, it hurts our loves one’s, and it hurts the world because the world needs our light.

Don’t hold back…


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