The Moses Code Movie

Aviana shaved her head for Uganda

Why is the shaved head on a post called the Moses Code?

Because this beautiful girl shaved her head to raise money for the Uganda Project – building schools in Uganda.

Divine Purpose Unleashed is screening the movie and a portion of the official movies’ proceeds will go to a project CK is involved with: The Uganda Project, funded through The Global Heart.

CK says:

And then my 10-year-old daughter came home from school intent on shaving her head. She heard about an event they were talking about at school and wanted to participate. I asked her if she would shave her head for the children in Uganda instead, and she said, “Yes!” She asked friends to participate, even her best friend. Some said yes, but she is the only one who went through with it. It must be on her path. Two weeks ago she shaved her head. And guess what? She has a beautiful head.

The main reason you should join us for The Moses Code event is that my daughter, Aviana, will be there.

All profits from the Divine Purpose screening will go to The Global Heart in support of the Uganda Project. Tickets are $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door. You can e-mail me for tickets or donations. Here are the locations and times of the screenings:

  • April 4th 7pm OM & Garden Yoga Studio 2616 W. Colorado Avenue Colorado Springs
  • April 5th 1pm The Golden Age Center 728 Main Street Canon City
  • April 5th 7pm Sacred Hoop Ministry 1515 CR 21 Woodland Park
  • April 6th 6:30 pm Unity Church Colorado Springs

Tickets available by leaving a comment or contacting us above.

To watch the subtitled video of Aviana shaving her head please look over to the right in the sidebar (I couldn’t get it to embed properly inside this post – if you are reading this through a subscription, please click through to the post to watch)

Thanks! And don’t forget to donate!
The Uganda Children
Donate directly to Just Like My Child using paypal
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Or send your check to:
The Just LikeMy Child Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 22025
San Diego, CA 92192-2025
and put Aviana on your check.
Thank you! and Aviana and the Uganda Children Thank you!

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