The Moses Code Movie Review

The Moses Code

Divine Purpose Unleashed, LLC sponsored the screening of The Moses Code this past weekend.

Did you see it? Michelle and I did–several times!

Who did you resonate with? Here are a few that had messages that hit home with me:

  • Vivian Glyck. You probably know why I am listing Vivian first. She is the founder of the Just Like My Child Foundation and this is the organization that my daughter is raising money for. Since shaving her head for the children in Uganda, Aviana has raise $1244.00 (her goal is $10K). Thank you to everyone who came to our screening or donated on-line. I spoke with Vivian last week, she had just returned from a trip to Uganda and she shared with me her absolute commitment to the infra-structure that allows for the money to get to its recipients. Vivian will join Michelle on her Live Your Purpose Radio Show this Friday, join her to learn how Vivian is living her purpose by helping the children in Uganda.
  • Rev. Dr. Iyanla Van Zant. Rev. VanZant shares humorously the message that to fill your heart up means connecting with your soul, your spirit we don’t need more stuff, we need to allow divine presence to flow through us…we are called regardless of our limitations.

  • Debbie Ford. I was trained by Debbie Ford in the Essentials Coaching Model and I am currently taking Spiritual Divorce (a coaching model to heal hearts from grief and loss). I gratefully acknowledge that the teachings, trainings, and support that I received through her has opened the door to my heart and to myself to say yes to my purpose in life which is to empower you to embrace your humanity and divinity. In the movie, Debbie said that we need to be “All that that there is.” This is shadow work and it is what I love! This is the piece that enabled me to love and accept the totality of who I am. Join me at the Shadow Process April 24-April 27, but let me sign you up because Debbie offers a discount to people I refer to her workshops. I have assisted Debbie in the past, but this time I will be participating just like you!
  • Dr. Michael Beckwith. I had to save the best for last. Beckwith delivers a truth that embodies what we teach at Divine Purpose Unleashed: “God doesn’t call the qualified, God qualifies the called.” Michelle and I know that when you say YES you will be shown the way. Have you said Yes to what is lying inside of you? Or do you think “Who am I to do that?” Is the life you are living sufficient to the purpose of which you are called? Or are you living below your potential? Are you ready? We are passionate about empowering you to explore what lies on the other side of your yes!

Overall I thought the movie was excellent and well done. Most of the messages I’ve heard many times, but their presentation of the messages resonated, were powerful and uniquely presented. Because I hosted it, I watched it several times but would easily watch it again.

Did you see the movie? What are the messages that resonated with you? Share please!

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