Susan Boyle Had a Dream to Sing! What’s Your Life Purpose?


Are you this real?

A few weeks ago I was visiting my 86-year-old grandma.  As I was searching for a channel for her, she screeched out, “Who’s that ugly woman?”  Well, I was intrigued and so I stopped to watch.   I was blown away by the authenticity of Susan Boyle.  In an amazing episode of Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle exhibited a level of refreshing egoless confidence.  I thought, “Wow, she doesn’t care what anybody thinks about her.”  This was the most real I’ve seen anyone on television and I’m inspired to be even more real with you!

I was deeply affected by Susan’s commitment and determination to follow her dream.  Prior to her television debut, Susan sang in the shower and into hairbrushes.  She’s forty-seven years old and she’s never been kissed.  She took care of both her parents until their death and she lives with her cats.  And she’s definitely in need of a makeover, or is she?

In less than 5 minutes, Susan teaches us a most important lesson.

Susan walked on stage unashamed of who she is.  She exuded confidence and spunk!  In a subsequent interview I heard her say, “I won’t have a makeover.  This is me!”  I heard so much in that one comment.  I heard that she loves herself.  I heard that she doesn’t need approval to like herself.  Susan is the epitome of authenticity.  I love her!  Susan’s rawness empowers me to show up in the world as “ME.”

Susan has talent, but that’s not what stayed with me.  It’s the hope that we can all live our dreams; that there is something inside of each of us that needs to be expressed and when we commit to sharing our spiritual gifts with the world, the way will unfold.  We just need to say, “YES!”

You have something inside of you that is special and unique and needs to be nurtured.

I know, with all my heart, that you have a gift.  When you start exploring and nurturing that gift and commit to it, then it will develop into a talent.  My talent is holding people in their highest expression, showing them how to release shame and guilt, and empowering them to authentically express their gifts into the world.  What is your dream?

I know you have one, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  I know that there is something inside of you that is real to your heart that you are afraid.  Maybe you’ve been dabbling with your Life Purpose, or you’ve been wishing around it a bit, or you’ve been waiting for some circumstances to change so you can do that thing you’ve always dreamed of… But, guess what?  You’re wasting time.

It’s time to replace your excuses with commitment.

At the very least find out what your excuses are and discover the reasons you aren’t manifesting your dreams.  At the very most work through your limitations and start living the life of your dreams.  It is my Life Purpose to do this deep spiritual work empowering you to engage in Conscious Livelihood(tm).

How can I support you in manifesting your spiritual gifts as an authentic expression of who you are?  I stand in complete and total confidence that I can help you realize your dream.  I’m committing my life to empowering people to step out of all limitation and rise to their absolute highest expression possible.  What is your dream?

I’m ready to support more people!

Susan singing in the shower is as CK Reyes coaching one person at a time to live their Divine Purpose.  I’m stepping up to my next highest expression.  I’m calling forward the people to support me in sharing my work with more people.  I don’t know how!  I only know that I’m committed.  Here is my prayer and pleading with The Divine:

Oh, Divine Being bring me the people that are ready to Unleash their Divine Purpose.  Universe, show the people who are in need of my support a direct path to my welcome mat.  Infuse me with the awareness that I am an extension of your Divine power and that I am nothing and everything all at once.  Give me the words to speak in the moment they are needed to empower those on a path to full and authentic expression.  Guide me in my interactions and open my heart to all of humankind.  Integrate my human and Divine qualities so that I may stand before anyone asking for my support in humility and willingness without judgment or condemnation–of myself or others.  I have asked with a pure desire, and I turn the “how” over to you.  I am grateful!

What is your desire?

Take some time to explore the true desire of your heart.  What are you here to share?  What inside of you needs to be expressed?  Explore.  Perhaps there are obstacles that are in the way of sharing your gifts in powerful ways.  Maybe you haven’t gotten out of the shower.  I have a towel for you, if you are ready to step up and sing the song of your heart!  Please, Don’t Let Your Dreams Die!