AnnetteAndArthurI went through the Passion Test a few years back with a new practitioner and it was AWFUL!  I felt safe with you . . your compassion comes through strongly and you have a very good way with making someone feel heard and understood.
And give a cheer to ME – – who just got back from a meeting wherein I set up a time for my 1st Animal Communication class!  And then I went right over to the dance studio across the street and offered to teach dance! I have an appointment for next Tues to present my talents and ideas with the studio owner.
It feels GOOD!! It was a bit scary, but I found myself just doing it!
Annette Pederson

“I have taken several coaches’ training programs, been a coach, and have been coached personally and professionally. Although I have been privileged to become skilled at and have access to powerful teachings, the coaching I have received from Leila Reyes has been the MOST impactful, thought-provoking and measurable. With much of the focus today being on our national and international economies, the measurement of the almighty dollar is continual; and top-of-mind for most of us. Leila does not waste time, and therefore money, when it comes to drilling down to the issues at hand. She does this with such precision, that it is almost undetectable initially. She is highly-skilled at tapping into her intuition to do this as well as the deep wells of her compassion that empower her to guide YOU through the coaching process — all motivated by unwavering love and commitment. She will awaken you, she will excite and ignite a passion in you for your own Life … and she will WOW you. ~ Rhonda Belous June 2012
I am feeling so much better after working with Leila. I was feeling somewhat depressed and beaten down with all that has gone on in my life these last few weeks.  I felt that I was not getting anywhere with my job search, nor was I able to deal with the uncomfortable circumstances. Leila’s suggestions of how to deal with these issues and how to set boundaries were amazing! I probably should have been able to come up with this on my own, however when you are so deep into all of the ‘dark cloud’ things in life, I couldn’t see the silver lining without a little boost. What I especially liked was how Leila asks questions, letting me answer and then telling me what you heard from my answer. Her insights really opened my eyes and enabled me to be aware of what changes I need to make. I now see that I can stand up for me in a way that is not lowering myself to an unprofessional level. I also now see that I deserve to have that respect and I can set those boundaries and it empowers me.  I cannot thank Leila enough! So looking forward to our continued work together.  ~Corinne Bennett, May 2012

Trish Bishop

“Leila is a door opener. Her exceptional intuition allows her to see past what I’m saying to the opportunity, idea or issue behind the words. Then she opens the door for me and if I’m open and authentic she holds the space of pure potentiality.  It doesn’t get any better than that!”  –Trish Bishop

“Leila opened my heart to a greater Spiritual path ahead of me.  Prior to working with Leila, I had been searching for someone who could work with me in a way that allowed me to more fully open up to myself.  She asked me just the right questions and all of her comments helped to clarify what I could do to take tangible steps towards manifesting my Life’s Purpose.  I am most appreciative of the genuine and real heart opening I experienced.  Now I feel aligned and willing to surrender to what I know to be my path this lifetime.  I also feel ready to take a step in really making myself and my mission visible to others.”  -Lisa D. Therapist and Healer

Martha Clingman


Leila is a knowledgeable and inspirational career coach and support for anyone who desires to make a change in their business practice.  She provides meaningful feedback, brilliant resources, and effective exercises and ideas as I faced the challenges of creating growth in my private practice.  I sincerely and enthusiastically endorse her services.  I will choose her support and expertise again in any period of transition.”  ~ Martha G. Clingman, LCSW

My future is compelling and I have the confidence that there is nothing I can’t move through.  Instead of watching my life happen and then reacting to it, I’m now participating in my life.  Instead of turning a situation into a new drama for which I need to come up with an elaborate rescue plan, I am now clear in my direction.
~ Elizabeth B., Kansas

“Leila’s intuitive questioning shed light on a limitation I thought I had already moved through – which brought greater clarity!  It became crystal clear that when I hold back my gifts others miss out.  Love love love it!  It’s truly amazing what can happen when we have loving support to remind us how we can live our Life’s Purpose more fully.”  ~ Kony Dengel

Valentina Provenzano

“Through the intensive process Leila facilitated, I was able to navigate hidden patterns in my life and uncover ways I undermine my efforts. I was able to evolve into who I really wanted to be and create a life that reflects my deepest values. I recommend Leila to anyone who is seeking to redesign and re-invision their lives into honest and empowered ways.~ Tina Kai, Entrepreneur.

Olga Barnes

“If you are wondering whether or not it’s worth paying the amount these coaching sessions will cost, you are asking yourself the same question I asked myself.  Boy, am I happy that I – this one time – allowed myself to treat myself! The dividends from working with Leila don’t stop when the coaching stops.  It never stops!  What you learn and the progress you make will be with you for the rest of your life.  What price will you put on your own happiness?”  ~Olga Barnes

“Leila Reyes is a soft-spoken leader with wisdom and gentle guidance.  I recently attended a workshop Leila provided for 12 women.  I assume all of our hearts and souls were touched, because we all wanted more.