Stepping Out – One Rock at a Time

Stepping one step at a time at Divine Purpose

My four year old daughter was playing in the creek a few days ago. I love how she hops from rock to rock, not worrying too much if she falls or slips. Occasionally she’ll look up to chart a course and see the big view. If she falls, she might cry for a moment, then she brushes herself off and starts again.

I watch her figure it out in her mind.

Shall I go this way or that? Which rock will hold me? If I go toward that rock will I get stuck? Will I fall?

Then, she’ll look back down, focus on her next step, and move confidently ahead.

She’ll look up at the big view, chart her course, then focus, one step at a time. If she falls, she doesn’t dwell on it.

I learn a lot from my daughter.

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