What are your spiritual gifts?

Divine PurposeHave you ever thought, “I know I am here for a purpose.”

Have you not quite figured out what your life purpose is? You know that life must be more than what you are living, and on some level you know it is your birthright to experience joy and passion. You know you are here to share your gifts and make a difference in the world, but you don’t know how. Your head tries to figure it out and make things happen and your heart yearns to express its fullness. You have the desire inside of you, but instead of expressing your gifts have you struggled? Have you adopted the belief that everyone gets to be happy except you? Have you given up in resignation? Not yet, okay?

It is through the alignment of our head and our heart that our spiritual gifts are most visible.

We are in our power when we use our mind to excavate the innate gifts in us and identify way in which we can express our gift. We are in our power when we allow what is true in our hearts to come forward. When we are in alignment, there is an ease to our daily life and the universe seems to present the very people and situations that we need in the moment we need them.

Do you make it impossible for yourself?

Where do you make it more difficult than it is? How do you beat yourself up? Where do you minimize your brilliance? Do you tell yourself that you are incapable? or that you need more training? or that no one will want what you have to offer? Or that you couldn’t possible make a difference in your own life or any one else’s? Exactly how do you cut yourself off at your own knees? Write it out. Now. Take out a pen and paper (or a computer keyboard) and make a list of all the ways that you are wasting your time and you will never be able to live the life of your dreams. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I blaming?
  • How do I minimize my brilliance?
  • What dis-empowering conversations do I have with myself?

For many years I wanted something, but could not identify what it was. I didn’t know why I felt so empty inside. I was searching for something my entire life. What was it? I became a wife and mother. I joined a church. I volunteered in many venues. I went to school and took class after class after class. Eventually, I found that what I was searching for could never be found outside of myself, be it in a role or endeavor. When I learned this lesson, my life opened up for me. If I had known this earlier in life, I may not have made some painful choices for myself or my family–but I forgive myself. I blamed my mother, I down played my ability with a lack of confidence and looked in every corner for fulfillment. I told myself that I was unlovable and unworthy to have it all. It was impossible for me to fully give of myself when I felt so lacking.

Do I have gifts? If so, what are they? How do I know for sure what they are?

I know that each of us come to this planet with unique abilities and talents and that we are all part of a whole big beautiful picture. Here is a way to begin to connect with what is innate in you.

  • Identify the people you admire. People that you believe are significant contributors to our planet. Who is it that you would most like to be like? You are just as significant as the most significant person you can think of. Mother Teresa. Ghandi. Martin Luther King, Jr. Who is significant to you? A friend or colleague or teacher… Who do you project your light onto? Identify at least three qualities these people have and write them down. Journal about these qualities. Can you see these qualities in yourself? You have them. What action can you take to allow them to surface?

The people on my list include Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah, and Debbie Ford. The qualities that these people have are confidence, influence to change the world, and transparency. As I develop these qualities in myself I notice that they have been there all along, but I was judging myself and minimizing my brilliance. Fear always won out. “Who does she think she is” is a common dis-empowering thought I engaged in. No more! I am that!

Discovering your gifts is a process.

There are many tools to support you in getting into your heart, and one of the most powerful exercises for me is in a book written by Laurie Beth Jones, The Path. (You can order the book from our local independent book store: Black Cat Books 719-685-1589. Natalie will send it to you–let her know I sent you.) I identified 3 verbs from a huge list. Verbs that left me feeling connected to myself and verbs that I had a big emotional charge with. One of my verbs was to empower.

I have discovered that I am here to empower. The freedom I felt in connecting with the energy of “empower” was enormous. I have taken the energy of this verb into all areas of my life. I also noticed that I had been empowering people all along in my life, but never connected it to my spiritual gift. This simple shift in perspective is why I am writing today. It is why I coach and why I teach and why I use my voice.

To begin to identify your spiritual gifts look at what comes easily to you. Look at what you are already experiencing in your life. You might even look at what the opposite is. I felt completely dis-empowered at various times in my life. It is interesting the ways you may find your gifts when you are willing to look from different angles.

How can I empower you?

Everything I write is to empower you to give up limiting beliefs and perspectives and live your divine purpose. My intention is to empower you to live an authentic life expressing all of who you are. Let go of anything you think you should or shouldn’t be doing. Give up comparing yourself to anyone. Stop telling yourself that you can’t. Step out of fear and into faith and live your dreams. Go for it. Start by saying it out loud. What is it you want? What is it you desire? Speak it and it is so.

Please share with me what you discovered for yourself. What have you already learned about living your purpose? Would you be willing to give everything you know up to discover something even more brilliant about yourself?

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