Build a New Unshakable Future – 3-month facilitated process
Are you Separated, Divorced, or Unhappy in your Relationship?

Schedule your Spiritual Divorce Consultation today whether you want to save your relationship, move on with confidence, or transform your relationship.  You will learn the skills and tools you need to create an empowered relationship.

Designed by NY Times Best Selling author and seminar leader, Debbie Ford.

Divorce, or heartache from a relationship breakup, rocks the very foundation of your life.  Spiritual Divorce(tm)  private coaching is designed to support you in FREEING yourself from the past and building a new unshakable future.

I will lead you through the Spiritual Divorce(tm)  process which is guaranteed to support you in releasing the pain, disappointment, and guilt of the past AND it will lead you out of fear and into a new vision for your life.

“A Spiritual Divorce is one in which we use our divorce to improve our lives and our experience becomes one of gain rather than loss.” –Debbie Ford

The great thing is that if you integrate these seven spiritual laws into your life, you will never do relationship the same way again.  You will breakthrough patterns of the past.  If you feel your relationship is on a crash course, I can help.  Don’t breakup without trying this process first!

Personally Trained by Debbie Ford!

I am a Certified Master Integrative coach, personally trained by Debbie Ford in the Spiritual Divorce process.  I am a mentor coach for The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching and an expert in the Spiritual Divorce process.  I’ve personally done this work and can attest to its transformative value!  I guarantee that as we engage in this sacred work together, you will experience new levels of forgiveness, self-love, and compassion and step into a juicy future for yourself and the people you love.

DIVORCE – Relationship Breakup –  TOP life stressor!

Divorce (or breakup) can be a debilitating event in your life – Anyone who has lived through a breakup know it affects all aspects of your life including your confidence and self-esteem.  According to a NY Times article Divorce even effects your health!  I can show you how divorce (or the threat of divorce or breakup)  can be your biggest opportunity for growth and personal evolution!  Shifting your perspective from what is wrong about your current situation to what is right will unlock your potential for joy and limitless freedom as you reclaim your power and create a life of deep meaning.  I love facilitating the Spiritual Divorce(tm) process because it offers a totally empowering alternative to the victimization you can feel when experiencing this type of loss.

  • You will turn your pain into power as you learn how to use your breakup, loss, or breakup as a catalyst for an extraordinary life.
  • You will Learn how to dissolve the accumulation of your negative emotions, reclaim your power, and move on to greater realities.

The Spiritual Divorce(tm) process is an opportunity for you to have a spiritual awakening, a transformation, a reuniting of your heart and soul.  No matter how deeply you’re suffering from a broken heart, this process will allow you to see your life through the eyes of God.

Experience Spiritual Divorce BEFORE getting breaking up!

Many of my clients really want to stay together; they ask me, “Should I get a divorce?” Spiritual Divorce is the perfect next step if you’ve tried everything else.  The distinctions taught in this process will allow you to create a new beginning and has the potential of saving your marriage.  If you choose to divorce, you will be better equipped to move on with ease and grace and joy!

Listen to an Introduction to Spiritual Divorce


MY LIFE COMPLETELY SHIFTED from pain, frustration, loneliness, and guilt to peace, love, acceptance, and joy.  Leila, you helped me heal wounds I truly thought would consume me.  For the first time in four years my children and I are laughing again, my relationships have taken on deeper meaning, and I’ve opened a door to parts of myself that are truly amazing and magnificent.  Thank you for not giving my life back, but helping me create a better one.  I’m stronger and greater for the hurts and I’m not just surviving anymore—I’m living! –Wendy M., California


Leila, I just want to thank you for the incredible support you have offered me.  I can’t imagine where I’d be without going through this process.  You have been awesome:  ruthlessly compassionate, present, an ass kicker, trusting and all done with love.  What a blessing you are!




If you want help healing your heart and navigating your relationship breakup, Contact Leila at 415-456-4708 10am-6pm
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