Spiritual Blogger Slade on Friday’s Show

Slade Roberson Shift Your Spirits

This week on Live Your Purpose Radio Slade Roberson from Spiritual Blogging and Shift Your Spirits is my guest.

Slade Has this to say about living Your Divine Purpose

Your Life Purpose — your spiritual mission — is not necessarily a Job. You fulfill your life purpose with every breath you take. Your life purpose is not really something you can fail at – it emerges as a part of you, inevitably.


Your life purpose is less about what you decide to do for other people, and more about what they request of you.


Obviously, your awareness of how your sense of purpose manifests in your life right now, you can make conscious choices about details like career, relationships, and activities that are more fully aligned with your purpose and allow your mission to make an impact on a greater scale.


Through my work as a professional intuitive, spiritual coach, and a marketing consultant, my area of expertise revolves around the intersection between Creativity & Divinity, and assisting my clients in transforming their lives through shifts in perspective.


The overarching message is one of self-esteem and empowerment – You are already everything you’ve ever wanted to become. Your mission is a uniquely personal, on-going creative synergy of who you already are.

I was going to paraphrase, but I think Slade said it best himself above. I’m excited to discuss Living your purpose and Spiritual Blogging with Slade, so, please join us Friday morning at 9:00 AM MST on Blog Talk Radio – Live Your Purpose Radio

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