How I did Spiritual Bill Paying

After interviewing Barbie Dallman last week one of my big take aways was Spiritual Bill Paying

Barbie encouraged me to sit with my bills and give thanks as I wrote each check. She actually writes GLADLY on the bottom of each check before she signs it.

So, last night hubby and I sat down and placed all the bills in front of us.

I talked about how grateful I was to have the money in the bank to pay the bills. Then we paid each one, giving thanks as we went.

“I’m so happy that I have heat and can turn it up when I’m cold.”

“I love taking hot showers. I’m grateful for the hot water.”

“K” (my daughter) “loves her pre-school, thank you for giving her such a great teacher who loves her.”

As we wrote out each check I also added, Thank you, or Wonderful Service, or I’m Grateful above the signature line. I admit, the earth didn’t shake and bountifuls of money didn’t appear before me. But the whole bill paying episode was pleasureable instead of stressful, and that is a good thing. Being grateful for what we already have is one of the keys to having a financially abundant life!

Continuing with gratitude, I’m also grateful to Robert, at Reason4Smile. He answered a couple of questions about my theme and how to fix something. Thanks Robert!
Creative Commons License photo credit: dslrninja

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