SobCon Radio Guest Information

SobCon09 Podcasts and Radio Interview Information

The show is live; please call in to this number 5 minutes early.
Guest and Caller number (646) 929-0331

SobCon Radio on BlogTalk

The Show Snapshot:
To create community before the conference- allowing us all to get to know each other a bit better. To promote the presenters, speakers, founders, and if possible, the participants of SobCon09, and of course, to promote SobCon09 itself.

During the interview I’ll be asking you for insights on blogging, social networking and also what you do for a living and how you apply your knowledge to your job or business. Lets keep it interesting to the listeners: – more a mini-seminar rather than a commercial for your blog, book or product. Why do you blog? How did you start? What do you get out of it? Lets talk about you and what you bring to SobCon and what you are looking for once you get there!

How being a guest benefits you:
• Information about you will be mentioned at the beginning, during and at the close of the show. I will mention your site, book, link or phone number as requested by you.
• The show may be rebroadcast on BlogTalk.
• The show will go into iTunes under SobCon
• Your interview will be mentioned in the SobEvent blog and the SobCon newsletter.
• You are provided with the show link to use for promotion or publicity.

There will be a link with your show up on the BlogTalk Radio SobCon site. Click on your name under schedule to get the link to your show. You can set a reminder, mark it as a favorite, and leave comments.

Tips to be a better guest:

• If you are new to radio, don’t panic!
• Come prepared with stories, tips or tools the listener can relate to. The idea is to give the audience something they can put to practice in their lives immediately.
• You and Michelle will have a conversation. There is no need to talk non stop for 30 minutes.
• If you are stuck with a question, just say so, or ask for clarification on the question.
• Relax and breathe!
• Please speak your point clearly and succinctly. Often less is more.
• Don’t be afraid of a moments silence. Michelle will pick up your cue and ask the next question.
• The more you share of yourself and your work, the better the audience can relate to you.
• And…. as I always tell my five year old daughter, the most important rule is to HAVE FUN!

Here are the show details:
Please check to see when your show is scheduled. Most shows are live Tuesday at 3:00 ET, but you may have a different time. If it is not possible for you to be live on the show, it is possible to arrange a pre-recorded show. Please let me know if you require a pretaped show.

Email (Michelle) with a couple of choices that work for you.
The show will be 30 minutes long.

There is a chat box live during the show – feel free to participate or ask your friends, clients, and family to come on over and chat.

For a 30 minute show I do not usually take callers unless they are pre-screened and expected. If you know someone who would like to call in and ask you a question, lets make it happen. Callers often add interest to the show. Just let me know what question they may be asking, and the area code they will call in from, then I’ll take callers in the last 7 minutes of the show.

If you would like to chat with me during the show she can be reached at almost any IM system. Here’s a couple of common ones:
Skype: Michelle Vandepas
Google Chat: Holisticgal

I will be researching our show using your online profile that I have access to via your websites, facebook, twitter etc. If you have talking point ideas, a book, bio, press kit or product or anything else you think I need to be made aware of, please add those details and email this page back at least 1 week before your show to purpose at You may also mail press kits and books etc to:
Michelle Vandepas – email me for my address

Michelle Vandepas – host 719 527.1401
michelle – at –

I’m looking forward to learning more about you!