Setting An Intention Is Always A Perfect First Step

What do you desire?

As you contemplate this question, allow yourself to really connect with exactly what it is you want.  Do you want more connection?  More love?  More Purpose in your life?  Maybe you want the perfect career to unfold for you, or a relationship to shift for the better.  Whatever it is that you want, let yourself imagine what it would be like if you got what you wanted.  How would you feel?  What would you be able to experience that is new for you?  Knowing what you want before you move in a direction will focus your energy.

Setting an intention allows for your desires to be made known.

Your intention tells the unseen forces of the universe to conspire on your behalf; you don’t even need to keep your intention in your conscious awareness!  Isn’t that wild?  Once your intention has been spoken or written down, you can let it fall away from your short term memory.  Just let it go.  After setting an intention, you need to open yourself up to receiving that which you desire.  If you begin your endeavors by first setting an intention, you will find that the people, events, and ideas come to you much more easily.  It’s like setting a compass so the UPS delivery guy can find you.  He’s cute!

When you act before setting an intention, expect chaos!

Or at the very least a road closed sign that takes you on some unexpected detour.  Detours can be fun, if you’re adventurous, but they aren’t very efficient.  Have you ever started out on a mission unprepared?  When I’ve done that I’ve had to run back for my keys and my wallet; sometimes I need to go back for my shoes (don’t tell anyone, okay?).  And that was just to go to the grocery store.  What if you start a big project without setting an intention?  What if you don’t have any idea where you wan to end up?  That’s like having a map that doesn’t have any city names on it.  Where will you end up?  Who knows right?

Michelle and I set an intention when we started working together.

I forgot what that is right now, and that’s my point.  Once we set an intention, we don’t need to remember.  For my own peace of mind, I am taking a look right now at our business plan, and then I’d like to share a couple excerpts from what we wrote:

  • Divine Purpose Unleashed provides for the support in others unveiling, unleashing, and manifesting their divine purpose.  Our intention is to provide accountability and mastermind groups to some, and even includes an intention that it is easy for us to support others financially on their path to a purpose-filled life.
  • All of our tools and products focus on expanding our own vision and the vision others to live the most extraordinary life we can imagine.
  • We hold people in the energy so they can move through their internal judgments and beliefs and limiting behaviors into their highest expression.
  • Divine Purpose Unleashed creates peace in the hearts of individuals, which translates into world peace.

Wow!  I forgot how big we were thinking.  But, I can honestly say that our intention is manifesting.  We have been working our butts off, but we haven’t been sitting here reading our business plan everyday.  That would probably focus our intention even more though!

I can’t say it enough:  Set an intention!  Take my word or it or check out what Marcia Wieder has to say about intention.

Your Intention will always be the perfect first step, but let it come with clarity!

I ask you again:  What do you want?  This is your intention.  You could say that you want a new living room set, or you could intend to make a million dollars.  And I would say, “That’s not what I mean!”  You don’t have to have altruistic intentions, but become aware of the experience you would like to have with your intention.  While I intend to provide accountability, that accountability can manifest in a hundred different ways.  Our membership site is one way and my coaching services is another, but I won’t be limited by two options.  My intention to provide accountability includes mild forms as well as high level accountability requiring a rock solid commitment from my clients.

Try it today, as an experiment

After you read this, set an intention for what you would like to experience today.  Maybe you would like a tangible experience of peace.  Perhaps you would like to feel supported.  Or maybe you want to connect with your spiritual gifts!  Whatever it is for you, give yourself permission to have this intended experience and then watch how it shows up for you.  Hey, let me know the results of this little exercise–I’m curious!  And not only that, I will get confirmation from you that I know what I’m talking about or maybe I’m full of #*@&.  You tell me!

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