Revolutionary Relational Model

My approach acknowledges a spiritual truth that you cannot do it alone.  It acknowledge the power of the universe as a necessary feedback loop and that everything is a co-creative process.

My programs are designed to help you align your life from the inside out instead of the outside in.  The result of internally referenced choices is an authentically created life where you are consciously making powerful decisions for your life.  You will increase your intuition and trust in yourself.  You will draw experiences and people to you in ways you never thought possible.  Your confidence and self-esteem will reach new heights and your relationships will be better.  You will look back on a coaching experience with me and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Take the assessment if you want:

  • Experience deeper intimacy
  • Increase your satisfaction in every personal or professional relationship
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Grow your confidence
  • Open your heart and experience profound self-love and acceptance
  • Unravel your belief system and empower you to choose authentically
  • Heal your relationships
  • Grow your confidence and cultivate your highest self-esteem

Areas of Expertise


My programs take into consideration that your ability to fully give your gifts in the world is dependent upon the quality of your relationships – starting with your relationship with yourself!  I have several programs that will help you create fabulous relationships that allow you to move into a more consciously co-creative experience.

Arrow - OrangeRelationship with Self

  • Back to School, Back to ME!  Personal Assessment designed to re-orient your focus back to what expands you.
  • Cultivating High Self-Esteem  Group and Individual coaching packages available

Arrow - OrangeRelationship with Significant Partner

  • Spiritual Divorce –  Are you struggling with a challenging situation or an inability to move on after a loss or betrayal?  Have you given up hope in your ability to create healthy, nurturing relationships?  Are you willing to dig deep to discover and grow qualities that will allow you to become the beloved? Are you ready to discover what expands you and opens you to love?

There is nothing more satisfying than work that fully utilizes your innate gifts and talents and nothing more depleting than passionless work that you know is taking you down.   Re-define your priorities to create a balanced life that allows you to fully give your gifts and honors your life force energy and your deepest values.

  • Learn how to manage your stress before illness stops you in your tracks.
  • Manifest your Life Purpose into a fulfilling career.
  • Take the risks to be seen in your magnificence so you can make a bigger contribution.
  • Create work – life Balance & a life that reflects your deepest values.

 Arrow - OrangeLIFE PURPOSE

Some people believe life purpose is something that you ‘do,’ but it’s not!  Life purpose is about who are you…  It’s about a quality of being that cannot be denied.  When you nurture inherent qualities within you, then you will experience yourself as the Divine ‘BE’ing that you are.  It’s a truly exhilarating experience to integrate your purpose into all areas of your life.

Arrow - OrangeA GOLD MEDAL LIFE – group coaching

  • Discover qualities in you that bless others daily
  • Create a life that reflects your deepest values
  • Take concrete steps toward sharing your gifts and talents with the world


  • Best Year of Your Life

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Arrow - OrangeWhole Life Alignment VIP Coaching 

  • A year long program to help you create and implement a big vision for your life – we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.  This program includes in person retreats, private one-on-one coaching, and additional surprise perks.  We will address every aspect of your life to create greater health, happiness, and heart.  (Application Process Required)

Arrow - OrangeLaser Strategy Session

  • Have a big decision to make or unsettling experience to bring to closer? I can help!

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Additional Services

  • Life Purpose Assessment
  • Online Community – Journal & Monthly Calls

Programs Coming!

Arrow - OrangeMastermind!

If you’re interested in more information on our interactive model, please shoot me an email at leila