See How Easily You Can Stop Spending Your Money

Invest your money

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I told you I would give you the key to never having to spend your money again! And here it is: All you have to do is change your language to shift your consciousness. It’s that simple.

Stop spending your money and start investing your money. Do I mean don’t buy food? No, I mean stop spending your money on food and start investing your money on food. Do I mean don’t spend your money on a cup of coffee? No, I mean start investing your money in a cup of coffee.

For the next week try this shift in language. Tell me how it feels in your body to invest this level of awareness around money. Become very aware of how you feel when you catch yourself spending money and when you catch yourself investing money. Do your choices change with your level of awareness?

By the way, this works for time also. Just be aware, without judgment. Acknowledge where you are regarding spending and investing. What is the difference? What choices do you make?

As you become more aware, decide consciously where to invest your time and money. Are you investing in living your Divine Purpose? Or are you spending your time…….

My shift in consciousness around my money manifested in one coaching session with my colleague Barbie Dallman. Invest your time and energy and join Barbie and Michelle this Friday on Blogtalk Radio. As Barbie pointed out to me, if I was spending my time and energy it is gone. When we invest our time and energy, then we have an expectation of a return on that investment. Invest your time and share the impact this investment has on you.

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